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Hello there;

I've macbook 2007. I bought it used and it had windows 7 installed on it.

something went wrong with the W7 and had to reinstall a fresh one one.

I booted from W7 DVD and reinstalled the windows, everything is ok. network - wireless - graphic but only one thing went wrong.

there was no sound, and there's a red led in audio jack. I googled for 6 hours trying to figure it out. and I've tried litteraly EVERYTHING people said about it.

but that Led didn't turn off, and yet the sound didn't work.

and then I heard something about BootCamp that helps with messed up drivers and I downloaded it but it didn't work on windows, it says it must be installed on MAC but I don't have MAC now.


1- Is there a way to fix that sound issue without reinstalling windows? :-s I've really tried almost everything

2- if no, How can I install mac, which version should I install? where to get it? how long will it take? then how to install W7 again from it?


thanks in advance

hope anyone can help with this.


MacBook, Windows 7
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    i don't think i had this LED problem, but when i made a Windows partition with Bootcamp on my Mac I had to install the realtek Audio Drivers that came with the Mac installation CD: just pop in the CD, open it in windows, and look for the Audio drivers (you can also find them online, although I don't have a link )


    Hope this helps

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    sankio fary match

    But unfortunately I didn't get any CDs with my macbook.

    and realtek has many Drivers.

    I already tried one that made for windows 7 and Vista and didn't work.

    I also installed something like Circuss logic circuits and also didn't work.

    if you please can attach or upload the driver installation you have, I'll be very much grateful

    and thanks very much for your assistance.

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    This is the link i used:




    The download you want is the middle one, the 'HD Audio Codecs'


    Accept the terms and then use the top row of the  'Windows' download colum: click the 'US 1' link to download


    Hope this works

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    thanks very much

    yet it didn't work

    the rel led still on.

    there's no sound on the internal speaker, not even in the headphone.

    it's soooooooooooooooooooooo disappointing :-\

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    That is odd if the codec's didn't work, but if there's a red light in the audio jack then it's most likely the sensor is fudged. Check this post from macrumors: I found a fix for the red light problem. I'm not sure if I like it, but it works. After reading forum thread after forum thread of users that had this problem, I found a dude who fixed his jack with a rubber ended bobby pin. It seems a sensor gets bent (?) and the system thinks your digital external line is still plugged in. I took the butt end of a matchstick and tickled inside the jack. My red light went out. My internal speakers work again.




    Searching online seems to all point to a sensor most likely being the issue for the audio if there's a redlight showing. Your drivers could actually be fine, but won't matter if that sensor is damaged/loose. Are you getting sound from normal uses (youtube etc)?


    Pry won't matter but did you try in a VM as well? I have Win7 on VirtualBox (free).

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    I agree with chrisc1.. the problem on my Macbook windows was a common problem that happened to everyone, as i hadn't installed the sound drivers yet. If what he recommends doesn't work, i would say that you should really take it into an Apple store, even if the OS isn't Mac OS X.. they probably have a fix.

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    Thanks very much for your help my friends.

    The issue was fixed like this

    I searched some site - actually it's warez site and I don't know if I can put it here or not - for bootcamp and the search resulted into some some threads, one of them was "Mac Boot Camp Drivers 3.0 32bit and 64bit"

    yet I don't know sharing the download links is ok or not.

    anyway, I downloaded the image, mounted it in daemon tools. started setup. one single step setup. it works like a charm for about 5-7 minutes.

    restarted the machine and everything justed went very very very well.

    all the messed up drivers worked. sound worked ok. even keyboard shortcuts worked for the first time nornally.

    that DVD helped me alot to install windows 7 directly without the need of installing mac then bootcamp then windows7.

    and thanks very much friends.