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Hi, I was doing a project with Final Cut Pro X, when I had finished, I shared it and after that I changed the position of the folder that had all the images, sounds... I had used in the project (really I deleted, but I still have the same files I had used in the project in other folder).


I would like to know if I can charge my images again in that project, because when I open that project, the program can't find the images, sounds...


I think that if I put all the images and sounds I had used in the project, where the folder was first, all will be good, but in that case, I also would like to known if I can change the folder that contains the images and sound to another place.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    If you moved the folder or location containing your actual video and sound clips, you must move it back to the exact same location.  Unless you specified during the import process that you wanted to copy your media to the event you selected, FCP X will use aliases in the (Event Name)/Original Media folder. These aliases will be hard coded to point to the original location of the file and the original name of the file.  I have learned, at least in my experiences, the red icons will not always disappear when you get the files back into the original location.  However, if I did another Import (File) of the "missing" file into the same event that contained the original clip icon, it would fill in the red icon with the clip video and, if that clip had been used in my timeline, it would propagate the "refresh" of the media down to the timeline and everything would once again be happy.


    If, in the future, you are looking for a way to put your files on another drive, check out the following video ...



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