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Question: Download OS 9

I need to download a copy of OS 9 - it's my understanding apple released it for free - but where is the link to download? I can't find it...

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Aug 29, 2011 12:20 AM in response to Sawtooth501 In response to Sawtooth501

Best method is to acquire a Mac OS 9.2.1 Universal Install CD (White CD with Orange 9) from ebay for about $10 to $20. Install the CD and then download and install the 9.2.2 patch; you can then archive the entire fresh install ( Applications Mac OS 9, Documents, and System Folder) to a sub folder and use it on freshly formatted Hard drives by simply dragging the folders over without the need to install off CDs; Be sure to go up to 9.2.2 since there are many advantages (for example the ability to have partitions above the 120 GB limit) for Mac that have 48-bit HD addressing with OS 9 Drive Setup V2.1

The best universal "Drag" install I created was with an MDD 1.25 GHZ. G4 that can still nativally boot to OS 9, I used the original OS X and OS 9 CDs that came with it and then dragged the fresh install to a sub folder on a bootable external Firewire Drive, I have used this install by booting to the FW drive and then simply formatting a fresh hard drive and dragging the install folders to the root of the fresh HD;

It has worked on dozens of different G3s and G4s without a glitch from Powerbooks to Power Macs to iMacs

Aug 29, 2011 12:20 AM

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Question: Download OS 9