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I just moved all my files from my old PowerBook Pro to my new PowerBook Pro which came with Lion pre-installed.  Everything has worked fine except that when I try to sync my iPhone to my Power Book, I get a popup box saying that "This computer is no longer authorized to play purchased items that are on the iPhone.  Would you like to authorize the computer for items purchased from the iTunes Store?"  It also warns me that if I do not authorize this computer, 132 items will be removed from the iPhone.  When I tell it to authorize, it then tells me that the computer is already authorized, and then I get the same message again.  I have tried deauthorizing my new computer, then try syncing again.  I tell it to authorize, it tells me that authorization was successful.  Then I get the same popup and message telling me that this computer is no longer authorized.  I have deauthorized the old computer.


Would appreciate any suggestions you might have.


Thank you,


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    I went to the Genius Bar where I bought my new PowerBook.  The Apple employee that helped me deauthorized all computers on my iTunes account, then authorized my computer.  He then did what I was afraid to do, which was hit the cancel button on the pop-up that was telling me that I would loose 132 items if I did not authorize.  I don't think I have lost anything, but the problem still exsist.  I get the same pop-ups and message everytime I sync.  I am assuming this is just some early Lion glitch.  Hopefully this will go away with a future update.



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    Me too...this is stupid, stupid, stupid. Just purchased my 200 (ish) mac and now I am told that my new Mac Book pro is not "authorized".


    Which if my 200 macs are authorized. Can someone please tell me???


    I "deauthorized" my old MBP and still told I cannot use my iPhone with iTunes.


    Interesting that my old $2500 MBP, my new $3000 MBP and my $500 iPhone all cannot work cuz of some pinhead's decision to use this assorization process.


    Yes I am very, very, very mad.