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I have 06 and 08.  06 is FAR superior, but I'd love to be able to chromakey or add layers.  How is imovie 11 in terms of effects (compared to 06) and more advanced editing capabilities.


Mainly used for music videos, I hear a tip of playing the track and hitting 'm' on the beat will help set markers for changes to be in time. this sounds convenient.


And how does it handle HD uploads to youtube?  do they work? or are they glitchy?

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Solved by John Cogdell on Aug 15, 2011 1:01 AM Solved

As it's in the middle of the night in New York, I thought I would provide the screenshots on behalf of elikness.


Here is the panel (pop-up menu) that appears when dropping media onto a clip in the project timeline. You will note that it includes Cutaway, Picture in Picture, Side by Side, Green Screen and Blue Screen.


Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 5.22.28 PM.png


As to other video effects, see this screenshot (the effects are available when double-clicking on a clip, then selecting Video Effect from the pop-up Clip Inspector):


Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 5.20.21 PM.png



Reply by elikness on Aug 14, 2011 8:51 PM Helpful

When you turn on the Advanced Tools in Preferences (just a check-box) you get a host of new 'effects'. In addition to Chromakey, you get Cutaways/Inserts/Picture-in-Picture. And the Beats feature does allow you to run through the video in real time, tapping on the M key (for marker). You can tweak the positions by dragging them. Then with the Snap to Beat Markers option checked drop clips in or stills (there's an exercise in the Apple Technical Series manual for iMovie '11 that does this) and have them start and stop evenly on Beat Markers. Direct Share to YouTube seems to be shaky and fragile for some people (like it works the first time they try then it doesn't work). So Share>Export Movie (Large Size) then upload through YouTube webpage and bypass iMovie altogether.

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