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  • Pinayrissa Level 1 Level 1
    yea i tried 2 movies and both have no audio
  • moonunit Level 3 Level 3
    As a punishment, your iPod gets locked in a drawyer for 2 hours!! :-$
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  • Pinayrissa Level 1 Level 1
    do u guys know?
  • Shaqfu Level 1 Level 1
    I am new to the iPod and am wondering if someone could help me out?

    I have the 5th gen with video but that is in where the trouble lies. I put a bunch of songs on my iPod and all is good there.

    I then purchased a couple of videos from the music store and put them on my iPod as well. They are there--well at least the song title and album cover and music--


    I can't figure it out--I have tried several things--updated the newest version, etc but no luck

    Any ideas???

  • Wonderhills Level 1 Level 1

    Drag the videos into iTunes. Right click them and go
    to convert for iPod. Then sync your iPod.

    OK, those are the directions they give in the PDF file for my iPod, but what does it mean "drag"? Like, open the folder it's in and then literally click and drag it into the open iTunes application? Because that hasn't worked.
    I thought that maybe I had to convert my video files (mostly AVI/xvid) to AAC or MPEG-4.

    Please help!
    I can't even get the files into iTunes to convert them for iPod... I don't want to spend anymore money for some special converter either (this iPod was enough$$!!)

    Thank you!

    P.S. I downloaded these files from the internet and not from iTunes Music Store...
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    I actually am having problems just putting the videos onto iTunes. I have a data CD of all my video files on them, and I tried dragging them to the Library folder in iTunes, but it won't let me. Please Help. Thanks.


    5G   Windows XP  
  • YQ Level 1 Level 1

    Your doing everything correct but your files need to be in MP4 or H.264 formats...Avi and Xvid is not supported by the iPod and I can suggest a converter that wont make who throw out some more dough!!!

    Videora iPod Converter...Google search for link....I have been using it and it works swell.....Once the videos are converted then you can just stick them in iTunes!!!

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    Okay i just put in the videos in my ipod video, theyre mpeg4 and everything, they play in itunes but when i play them in my ipod its just like a song, i hear the audio but all i see is an icon or avatar next to the song title...what am i doing wrong? why isnt the video playing? i converted them and did everything :\
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    anybody knows whats wrong?
  • Barbara Hall Level 4 Level 4
    On the IPOD, Go to Video then Video Settings on the IPOD. Make sure TV OUT is set to off. Then try it.
  • Savage Level 1 Level 1
    wow dude thx a lot man! it worked, so simple but yet didnt have a clue :P, anyways they work now and i recommend videora ipod converter.
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    Yea how do you use the videora program??? also how do you sync your ipod?????

    THANK YOU!!!!
  • tohot4life Level 1 Level 1
    you seem like an ipod g-d will you help me please?
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    I did that...but my IPod still won't take my Videos!!! It says there non existant..