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Any suggestions on best way to transfer and edit VHS tapes to dvd?  I see there are several products on the market to aid in transferring from vcr to computer.  Or I could transfer vhs from the vcr to my camcorder (miniDV) and then import to computer?  Please help.  Thanks.

  • Ziatron Level 4 Level 4

    I have done lots of this.


    Use the ADVC300 analog to digital converter.


    I've played around with countless other conversion systems, ranging in price from $79 to $399. Short verison, this is the ONLY unit to own. No dropped frames at all, even with questionable quality tapes, no jitter, great color, excellent sound quality. Zero setup with iMovie 06 and iDVD 09 / 11.


    This is a prosumer deck. The time code function is alone worth the price if you have old analog footage. Absolutely NO "Out Of Sync" audio.


    ADVC300 is for anyone who wants to do editing and is concerned about quality of color and speed, for the novice it is an incredible gizmo that will restore VHS tapes to a state close to the original fixing midtones, highlights and shadows on the fly. Not only can you simply convert analog to digital you can actually manipulate the signal going in (if you want to).


    A bit pricey, but it WORKS.




    Use iMovie 06 with iDVD 09/11, why?


    iMovie 11/09 uses 'single field processing' meaning every other horizontal line of the video is thrown out, which reduces the sharpness of the footage. iMovie 06 uses ALL of the image to form the video.


    Your workflow is editing DV clips and making DVDs, iMovie '06 is better suited. Your movie will arrive at iDVD in DV format, which is an ideal match for making a DVD: same resolution, same pixels aspect ratio, and original quality.  


    If you share your movie from iMovie 11, it gets re-rendered at 640x480 or less, and then iDVD upscales it back to 720x480. The end result is obviously not as good.


    iMovie 06 and iDVD 09 / 11 is a 100% "lossless" combination and my DVD's look like they came from Hollywood!

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    my DVD's look like they came from Hollywood!


    From a VHS original??


    Agree with everything else you said, but would add that my cheaper ADVC110 also produces the same result!

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    but would add that my cheaper ADVC110 also produces the same result!


    I have a ADVC110 in a drawer somewhere.   I found the ADVC300 clearly superior.

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    i have iMovie HD and iMpvie 09 and Final cut Pro 5 and will very soon be upgrading to FCP 6.

    I am using a ADVC110 and wanted to know which program i should use to capture my old VHS footage?


    I will want to edit it all together with music etc in the future.


    Thanks for any advice given

  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 Level 6



    iMovie HD6 and any version of FinalCut are great !


    iMovie'08 to 11 - not so as they will degrade an already not too good VHS-material (due to the way VHS works)


    Yours Bengt W