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Hi all,


I know this is a pretty popular question and believe me i've gone through all the previous similer questions asked on this forum but none of them quite fit my spec, either its an older version of itunes or they're having trouble with itunes on a PC, however, please forgive me if i have missed the answer to my question in previous cries for help.


The story so far -


I'm working off an iMac with OS X10.6.8, not the newest model on the market but not looking to pic up its pension yet either i feel. I'm not sure what Itunes version i had on previously but just yesturday it refused to respond, i clicked on the icon, the arrow turned into colourful spinning wheel then nothing........so i forced quit. After a few tries i get frustrated, i have all my music backed up so i decide to uninstall this itunes and re-install the new version (10.4). All appears to be going well, no issues in installing i insert the new icon into my desktop bar, click on it.......nothing, not even an error msg. I have looked into it and found Quicktime Player to be working perfectly fine.


So now i'm coming to you guys in the hope that my problem can be fixed without me taking the extreme course of action and throwing my computer out the window (a few more days like today without the comforting melodies of my fave bands playing in my ear and this could very well occur).


Please don't resign this machine to a 25 storey plummit to meet its maker, any and all help is very much appreciated.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)