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What is Mackeeper?

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    Look at this discussion https://discussions.apple.com/message/15201026#15201026


    No need to buy it or use it, it's worthless.



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    Worse than worthless, it's within a whisker of being malware.

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    Crapware which should be avoided at all costs.



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    To Completely Uninstall and Remove Zeobit's MacKeeper



    Download and Install AppCleaner

    Download and Install Find Any File


    Run AppCleaner

    1. Click on Applications
    2. Select MacKeeper
    3. Click on Search
    4. Select all results
    5. Click on Delete

    Run Find Any File

    1. Search for zeobit
    2. Select and Delete all results (except for those already in the Trash)
    3. Search for mackeeper
    4. Select and Delete all results (except for those already in the Trash)

    Open Up Keychain Access

    1. Search for zeobit
    2. Select and Delete all results
    3. Search for mackeeper
    4. Select and Delete all results

    Secure Empty Trash




    Unless you perform all of these steps, you'll have remnants of Zeobit's MacKeeper app. I had installed MacKeeper several weeks ago, when I had accidentally deleted some files on my Mac -- hoping to use their "undelete" feature. This was when my nightmare began. Even after using AppCleaner to remove it, there were still some background processes that were running every 10 seconds. While probably harmless, this adds unnnecessary strain on the Mac.


    The key was also using Find Any File and delete any entries in the Keychain Access.



    Download Links



    I hope this helps!


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    I entered by a different route. I bought a disk at a nation-wide office supply store, on the recommendation of the clerk.  I did not realize it was the same thing (I guess) that had been popping up on my screen without a "close" button. So naturally I bought it. After all, an official office supply store associate had recommended it to me.  As I was installing it, a question appeared, which I did not understand. The program was asking for access to something, maybe the Keychain, I can't remember. Whatever it was, I became concerned. I did some searches, wound up here and a couple of other threads, and felt my palpitating heart speed up.  Fortunately, Frank VA's instructions worked, it seems.


    MacKeeper reminds me of that virus a few years ago, SpySweeper or something like that, that totally possessed, diverted, subverted, disintegrated, and plastered with countless useless icons.  Macs seem a bit more impervious to the evils that lurk in the hearts of men, so maybe these are the same people, just with less ability and finesse. By the way, some supporters of MacKeeper on another thread, and someone presenting himself as an employee, are part of the con. It bothered me a bit that a spokesperson for the company sent someone to speak on an English langurage forum who was not fluent, since I have seen other, more honest companies, provide representatives who could speak whaterver strange foreign language was spoken in the country they were sent to - Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Washington DC.


    I now have AppCleaner and FindFile, and know what my KeyChain is. Thanks, Frank.  They were all pretty surprisingly easy to use. Oh, yeah, that's right, this is a Mac, so I wouldn't expect anything less.

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    In my test of AppCleaner, I found it failed to do most of the things that it claimed it was going to do.


    Having installed it in my sandbox disk for the test, I reformatted the disk to remove it and then cloned a fresh copy of operating system to it for my next test.


    Personally I have yet to find any of programs which claims to remove programs that actually do what they say they are going to do. My recommendation is to avoid them all.



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    Never ever install that, it is such virus.

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    No it is not a virus.


    Odds are you installed something from a questionable site that load the adware into the download so whiny install their download you also it along with what you wanted. You must be careful where you go to download. A couple of sites that are doing this are Softonic and CNET. Then of course any torrent site also includes malware with the download.