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My mom is a high school Spanish teacher and is thinking about getting an iPad for her to use in her classroom. Since it is a significant investment in a device, I would like to know the most useful ways that she might be able to use it to teach Spanish.


Helpful details:


-We are thinking about getting the black 32 GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2 (is 32 GB enough if you want to do a lot of video recording?)

-Her classroom computer is Windows XP and she might be able to bring in her laptop (Windows 7)

-Her classroom has a projector with a VGA input (can you do video mirroring with that?)


Also, does anybody know of any apps that would be useful? I have found a few on my iPod touch, but I want to know if there are any iPad-only apps (like a Spanish newspaper) that I otherwise wouldn't be able to access on my iPod touch. In addition, she wants to find a programmable concentration/memory game app since she hasn't found any by searching the App Store on my iPod touch.


Thank you for any suggestions,


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