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Hey there, I am brand new here but I really need to ask this question before I convince myself to spend £2,008 on a brand new MacPro..


Basically, I will need a laptop for use with live music performance, and since pretty much every Audio Peripheral uses USB and/or Firewire, I definitely need USB ports.

Now. I have also decided (due to how badly I will be using the Mac to drive my performances) that USB 2.0 will simply be too slow. I need as little latency as possible - this is obviously down to data transfer and how fast my Mac will talk to my devices.


Thunderbolt is ABSOLUTELY 1000% PERFECT. However, I understand that Thunderbolt cannot connect to USB inputs/outputs, unless I am mistaken?


Now thats out the way, it's time for my main question.


Will Mac's be brought out (hopefully soon) with USB 3.0 ports? or not?

I understand I can use ExpressPorts to achieve the 2.5gbps speeds, but I would ideally want the 5gbps from USB 3.0, or even better the Thunderbolt's 10gpbs speeds.

IF they will not become available with USB 3.0 ports, am I able to connect USB 2.0/3.0/Firewire 800 ports on devices using a Thunderbolt lead with an adapter to achieve the 10gbps outputs?


I am really routing for a Mac now I have found out they have Thunderbolt.. but due to all the devices i'll be using being USB I may have to settle for a Windows laptop that has USB 3.0 which I don't really want to do anymore.

If Mac has USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, it will literally completely dominate.


I'm sorry for the length but this is really important to me! Any replies will be SO helpful, even if they are short ones - but I do encourage length replies!


Thanks for your time.

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