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Internal 500GB Drive

Time Machine


Trash calcuates items to delete and hangs, any suggestions? Even left it over night and nothing.


Thanks in advance

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    If it's deleting your backup of your 500gb hard drive (or multiple backups). it's going to take some time. Try CMD+right click to "secure empty" it. Let it do it's thing!!!!


    not sure what you're deleting though, but try the cmd right click idea.

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    further clarification, Its just the normal trash not the the backup.  roughly a few gb tops and 200 files


    thank in advance,


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    CMD+right click "secure empty trash" didn't work? have you restarted your computer since last you tried deleting the trash?

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    CMD+ Right click Secure  empty trash, lauched preparing to empty, now its just sitting there. 


    Yep on the restart

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    let it run. you have something huge in there. dpending on your setup it may take a while.

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    Will do!  thanks for the assistance.

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    I couldn't get the  CMD+ Right click Secure  empty trash to work - I'm using a macbook pro -

    BUT what DID work is to go into the Finder - Preferences - Advanced and tick off the Empty Trash Securely.

    It is deleting - not hanging up.  Yeah!


    Question:  When I did right click on the file in the trash - get info - the file was less than 1M in size for ONE file.  Now that it is deleting it says that there are  thousands of files.  What is going on here??


    Like TheSmokeMonster said there is something huge in there, but in my case it is hidden in ONE file. - ???



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    Secure Empty will take forever. It's doing a 7 pass overwrite of the deleted items with random zeros and ones. That means it's doing this for every file 7 times!


    Stop the Secure Empty and just do this, but read the instructions VERY carefully.


    You must be 100% certain you have entered the command below EXACTLY as written. One typo and you could lose all the data in your user. Copy/paste only and TRIPLE check it's entered properly in Terminal. The -f option will force empty and delete immediately. No questions. (rm is remove/delete, -r is everything inside the folder, -f is force, no questions)


    Copy/paste this command into Terminal, in Utilities. You will be asked for your admin password, which won't appear as you type it in. (If you have never used sudo before in Terminal, you will get a warning. Proceed anyway.) Then hit return.


    sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash



    There is a single space between sudo and rm

                                               "          rm and -rf

                                               "        -rf and ~/.Trash


    NO SPACES IN  ~/.Trash


    It may take a while, depending on how many items are being deleted. You'll know it's done when you get a new $ sign prompt. Then log out and back in in order to get a new Trash folder.

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    And if it's showing thousands of files, it's going to take a very long time to empty, even from an ordinary empty.