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For some reason, the navigation arrow in the top status bar by the battery % is always on. And now my battery is draining much faster than normal.


I looked at the Location Services menu under the iOS Settings. I found that both the built in Maps app and The Weather Channel app are currently tracking location, given by the navigation arrow next to them in Location Services. This continues even after I manually close them and restart the phone. I can get it to turn off by switching both of the previously mentioned apps to off in the Location Services menu, but then I can't use the GPS in those apps. The battery right now is down to 34% at 8pm, with no more use today than normal. It's usually still at 60-70% this time of day. The iOS updates are all current.


I don't remember having this problem until a day or two ago. The navigation would only be active when I was activly using an app that needed navigation at that moment. I have not done any iOS updates in the last few days. I messed around with the Location Services options for the first time a few weeks ago, but haven't been in there in the last few days. I turned on the option for Facebook to get the "check in" feature to work.


If anyone knows how to fix this or explain why it's happening, I'd appreciate it. It's seriously killing my battery life.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3, The iOS version is 4.3.5, not 4.3.3