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Karl Pfeiffer (.at) Level 3 (625 points)

Lion has no Sidebar for removeable disks? Is this a security issue, due to hide it from beginners? How to show it (Command Option S does not work, too)


Any help would be great,




  • Colin Robinson Level 6 (8,315 points)

    Devices are now listed at the bottom - do you just need to scroll down?

    Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 19.11.01.png


    Colin R.

  • Karl Pfeiffer (.at) Level 3 (625 points)

    Colin Robinson wrote:


    Devices are now listed at the bottom - do you just need to scroll down?



    Colin R.


    This change, Colin,  is a little step for Apple and a great jump fur users… it appeals to me.

    What I meant:

    Former Finder had this (blue, if clicked) switch area to show/hide the Sidebar, see:



    Lion has it not (out of the box), not at least on removeable disks like DVDs;


    Window w:o Sidebar.png


    and the command in menu „View“ is grayed out:





    It was quit practicabel to show the sidebar to be able to copy an application directely from an image-window to the application-folder… 


    Now we can play with moving windows around the tesktop to see the application (update) and an window with the application window hoping we can drag and drop, we stand at the beginn again. Was this the price to get windows resized from more than one corner?


    Is there a solution to show the sidebar to copy directely from a disk to a folder on the computer? I am afraid - no.



  • sdevan Level 2 (465 points)

    On my machine, the Finder view menu shows either view or hide sidebar depending on the visibility of the sidebar.  Have you rebuilt the Finder's plist?



  • Karl Pfeiffer (.at) Level 3 (625 points)

    sdevan wrote:


    On my machine, the Finder view menu shows either view or hide sidebar depending on the visibility of the sidebar.  


    So my windows are having, depending on the kind of storage:



    Picture one: The writeable Systemdisk, viewing onto the Desktop, Hide/show Sidebar alternating in the View-Menu;



    Picture two: Expanded .dmg, not writeable, Show Sidebar outgrayed






    Picture three: clickable area in former OS for Show/Hide Sidebar; away in Lion, away the posibility to show the Sidebar in writeprotected volumes.


    Out of the box.


    I retrac my question to show sidebar somehow because my language knowledge is to weak to draw the question.


    Thanks to all,


  • Colin Robinson Level 6 (8,315 points)

    I understand what you mean now


    Here is a download from (It is an app to determine what memory sticks I can buy for my iMac.).

    Screen Shot 2011-08-17 at 11.35.37.png

    You have to either run the app from the .dmg or drag it to the Applications folder but without the button you need to open another window to find the Applications folder.


    It's the same with the Firefox download, but that manufacturer has at least put the shortcut to Applications in the window to make installing easier:

    Screen Shot 2011-08-17 at 11.38.34.png

    Even the Recovery Disk Assistant from Apple is the same:

    Screen Shot 2011-08-17 at 11.40.53.png

    So it must be Lion if you can't even do it on the Recovery Disk Assistant. On this one you double click the icon to launch, for Firefox you drag to the app folder, and the Crucial app is the worst design because you need to open another window to put it in the App folder (but you can run it from the dmg because it only opens a Safari window).

  • sdevan Level 2 (465 points)

    Ok, got it too.  Interesting, I never even tried to do that in SL, so I didn't miss it.  My usual workflow was to drag the app to the desktop if it was not designed like the Firefox installer.  Easiest workaround is a command N from the Finder to open a new window, I guess.

  • Seph Level 1 (120 points)

    In Lion, you have to first show the toolbar, then show the sidebar. Snow Leopard would show the sidebar by default when you chose to show the toolbar.


    Unfortunately there's a bug in this particular situation which causes the sidebar to not actually appear the first time you choose "Show Sidebar". You have to hide it again, then show it again, or close and re-open the window.


    If you want to use keyboard shortcuts, then you can do the following: While keeping Command + Option pressed, press T S S S


    I was hoping 10.7.1 would fix this, but it did not.

  • Karl Pfeiffer (.at) Level 3 (625 points)

    To svedan:

    Command N, so did I for a long, long time until I saw the „pill“ to open the sidebar and mentally approbiate by heart it to me … much shadow after much sun when sun goes away


    Have nice days and much joy, enjoyment, uplifting, delighting, (from my dictionary) …

    all good things what a person needs




  • Karl Pfeiffer (.at) Level 3 (625 points)

    Unthinkable, Seph. How can a person check this out?

    In the mid to late eightys a teacher pointedly made us students clear to look for the options key in many situations



    Have fun wherever you go,


  • Karl Pfeiffer (.at) Level 3 (625 points)

    Colin, Shakespeare would say: Thats the question! Thank you,



  • sdevan Level 2 (465 points)

    and the same to you Karl

  • zit Level 1 (30 points)

    This is still a problem in Mountain Lion.  You can have a Toolbar without a Sidebar, but you can't have a Sidebar without a Toolbar.  Very strange. Why would they grey out "Show Sidebar" when the Toolbar is not shown?  What is the great benefit that justifies millions of hours  wasted in figuring out how to show the sidebar.

  • Paul Hillman Level 1 (45 points)


    In Mountain Lion, do you still have show sidebar three times like Seph says above?

  • zit Level 1 (30 points)

    Hi Paul ... No. Once is now enough.

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