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This is interesting, and really frustrating to say the least. I finally got Office 2011 working on my new MP, no thanks to MS. I spent over 8 hours on the phone, getting disconnected multiple times, and no one I spoke with could tell me why the darn thing kept asking for and not accepting as valid my product key. This was after I transferred the user and applications from a Time Capsule backup to my new MP. I completely removed Office, reinstalled, and then imported an Outlook OLM I had exported. It took the product key and all has been well until now. I have run Disk Utility permissions several times....


I installed an OWC eSATA two port card and attached their two HD enclosure containing two drives. Power them up, they work great, but now when I boot Outlook or any of the applications in the suite, up pops the license window.... ugh. Eject both drives, still fails. Power off the enclosure, they all work. The only thing I can figure it is, is the license protection thinking I installed it on a different machine. So now I'm stuck with Office not working when the external eSATA is on.


I thought about attempting to enter the license when they were running, but I can't risk losing my email and Office if it messes up. I saw a similar post on the Office for Mac 2011 Blog. I was going to install Win 7 on one of my internals and this situation has brought that to a screeching halt. Heck, I'll go to bed and sleep on it.... not well but I'll try.



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