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I think suitable to put here a following subject of the similar topic in the Mac OS 10.6 section.


I try to sum up:


- the Twain Sane interface of Mattias Ellert no longer works properly under Lion. In Graphic Converter, it no more appears. In Image Capture, the Preview button works, but the scan button doesn't work, except perhaps with the text mode and tiff format


- At the time, Mattias Ellert did not announce a 10.7 version of his interface


- MacPorts reports a build failure while trying to build Twain Sane on Lion


- If the SANE drivers are still there (Lion installation on Snow Leopard, not a clean install perhaps), the scanimage command on the Terminal is still working and one may scan an entire A4 document for exemple, and then modify if with somme other software. Here is a code, for example:


/usr/local/bin/scanimage --mode Color --format tiff --resolution 600  > ~/scanimage.tiff


- The Snac small software makes it more easy to choose the parameters of the scanimage command, with a little graphic interface. There are less possibilities than in Twain Sane Interface, but though announced for Tiger, it seems to still works with Lion, perhaps after a new intall.

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    After the 10.7.1 update of Lion, I tried once more to scan.


    First I tried directly Image Capture. I realized that when I used the button "Mask the details", the scanning worked, only with an A4 and US Letter  option, and produced a jpeg document witch opened in Apple Preview at the second time (curiously, not the first time I tried). No resize is available. 10.7.1 improvement or did I just forget to try the button ?


    Then I tried with the GraphicConverter menu File -> Scan with Image Capture . There is the preview, but as well with or without the details, with the option "Scan to GraphicConverter", there is an error message "Dossier d'importation non disponible" in the French version (No available importation file). Still nothing at all happening while trying "Select the Twain Source" (though Image Capture recognize it) nor "Scan with Twain Sane". Perhaps because there is no more Rosetta and it should be needed ?

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    Bug reported to Apple .


    Bug Id #9975602

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    Packeges from Mattias Ellert for SANE for LION is on

    Some packages are recompiled, some is from Mattias original, because Mattias use gcc-4.2 for SL.

    Please, send me feedback to filip at

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    I used the Sane-links (for Lion) - see rexxor


    Preview works but only if I don't click on 'show details'.

    If I ask to show details and then scan ... I get a distorted image.

    ImageCapture - works too BUT I only if don't ask to 'show details'.


    I downloaded Snac - works fine too.

    Schermafbeelding 2011-08-27 om 16.52.11.jpg



    MacBook Pro - Lion - CanoScan N670U



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    I tried to reinstall the Twain Sane interface for Lion withe this Linux link. I got nothing new. The Twain Sane interface is not seen by Graphic Converter. The rest is the same as yours except my preview is correct and not distorted.

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    I can't get anything but a distorted image from Preview and Image Capture.


    I really need to resolve there any options?

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    I was having trouble with the scanner showing up in Photoshop, but after hours of digging I came across this post from Geoffrey Peterson:


    "Not sure if PS and PS-Elements are the same, but the scanner works seamlessly the full version of Photoshop. I actually got it for the same reason you indicated--to scan music. I downloaded this set of legacy plug-ins: and put the TWAIN legacy plugin in the folder Adobe Photoshop>Plug-ins The scanner showed up the next time I started PS up, no problem at all."


    The TWAIN legacy plugin found my scanner instantly in Photoshop!


    Which also helped me in not having to rely on imagecapture, or Preview, which was/is giving me a distorted scan for some strange reason.

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    Jabba_Fett wrote:

    I really need to resolve there any options?


    Get VueScan.

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    Thanks, but last time I checked Vuescan didn't support SANE drivers.

    Maybe they've worked that out at this point and it may be a decent program to have, but in any case, I've resolved the problem without having to shell out money for it.

    The solution is in the post I made above yours.

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    I have a Canon N670U, fresh install of Lion on my desktop Mac. SANE packages won't install from SANE TWAIN homepage.


    Found SANE for LION build by Bob Rost   use care installing! Works from Terminal and from LibreOffice just fine. Distorted in Image Capture and Graphic Converter as others have stated for most 50 DPI and 7.46" wide it works. Setting up Plustek config file made no difference that I could discern.


    Downloaded Snac   and Scan mode works fine, preview....not as reported above.


    Also as per poster above, in Image Capture, selecting Hide Details gets it working properly, though with fewer options.

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    Well I think that Bob Rost, as well as Filip Huška for the link up there, have just built packages for Lion from the sources of Mattias Ellert, but it is probably necessary for these sources to be suited to Lion, or perhaps an update of Lion would be necessary for the SANE drivers. We probably have to wait some time.

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    Hey people,


    I'm absolutely stupid as far as Terminal-things are concerned....Please don't scold me!

    But could anybody decrypt the Rost-Advices for me?


    I had the SANE things (because of my Samsung SCX4200) as well and it didn't work with Lion as it is described above.


    Well, I downloaded the SANEforLION - thing by Bob Rost but did not know how to install it with the Terminal. I was unsure about his warning "be careful not to destroy the existing contents of that directory when you copy the SANE files". So I was afraid of replacing the originals.

    Well, then, out of a nonsens, I deinstalled SANE and deleted all SANEfiles.


    Now, I still don't know how to help myself...cause if I try to copy those files in this usr/local/bin or usr/local there is still the question after relpacing them.


    Actually I really don't knwo how to deal with this:

    You may need to add /usr/local/bin to your PATH. Add this to your ~/.profile

              export PATH=$PATH":/usr/local/bin"


              declare -x PATH=$PATH":/usr/local/bin"


    Thanks for any help in advance!



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    The first two Terminal commands just make invisible files visible in the Finder. There is a small Unix program ShowAllFiles floating around you can use instead of typing the first two lines in Terminal. Download it and just click SHOW and it will make all the invisible files visible, then navigate to /usr


    You then move all the other files in Finder....drop and drag. IF you have an existing local folder, you will need to carefully move each subfolder, any that exist (same name), you will have to move the files into the same named folders. You many have to type your password a few times.


    Then back in Terminal you type the export lines and it tells the computer that there are binary programs located there.


    So it goes:


    cd /usr    (HIT RETURN)

        open .   (HIT RETURN)




    ~/.profile   (HIT RETURN)

              export PATH=$PATH":/usr/local/bin   (HIT RETURN)

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    Thanks so much, Seattle Snapman!

    It worked so far.


    But when I get to type ~/.profile there is "no such directory".

    Well, I tried everything (typed wrong?) but then I looked around the web and found that maybe I have no file like this (actually like terminal says:).


    What now? Should I create this ~/.profile thing?





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