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I was trying to install Windows on my MacBook Pro, Intel Based.

Followed this tutorial, http://riactant.wordpress.com/2009/02/25/install-windows-on-boot-camp-using-exte rnal-usb-optical-drive/

Downloaded and installed rEFIt and rebooted my MacBook Twice.


After rebooting twice, my MacBook no longer boots up.

It will stay at the apple logo until it turns into a stop sign, a circle with a slash across.


I have searched desperately for a method but came to no conclusion.

When i did command + s, It keeps saying "Searching for root device", or something along that line.


When I tried to boot from my Installation disc while holding down C.

I went into Disk Utility and my Mac HD was renamed to disk0s2.


I am very afraid that my data will be lost, all my freelance invoices and work will be gone.


I am unable to go into safe mode.


I am VERY sure this happened immediately after I installed rEFIt.

If only there's a way for me to somehow restore to the moment before I installed this software.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)