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I have been charged with setting up a Mac Mini server with the Apple Service Toolkit v. 1.0.9 for our Hardware Support department. I have a 2010 Alumninum Mac Mini Server as well as an Apple USB Ethernet adapter. The machine is configured to connect to the LAN via the built-in ethernet port and serve DHCP and NetBoot via the Apple USB Ethernet.


I followed the directions in the documentation to set up the server, but there is no mention of setting up the firewall, which concerns me. The box will only be handling diagnostics with the Apple Service Toolkit, but I still don't want it completely open to the world.


When I set up the firewall and enable it, the Gateway Manager.app cannot find the Diagnostic Gateway server. In the /var/log/system.log, I get the following errors, repeating:


Aug 16 15:19:16 hostname com.apple.gw_datad[76]: socket bind: Can't assign requested address
Aug 16 15:19:16 hostname com.apple.gw_controld[77]: socket gind: Can't assign requested address


Has anyone had an experience with a similar setup? Do you have the software firewall (through Server Admin or command line ipfw) enabled?