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The only calendars I update are the calendars on my iphone. I would like my wife to see this calendar via gmail account. I tried setting up my gmail on the iphone and switched the calendar to on. This only brought calendar events from the gmail to the iphone. It did not take any of my events on my iphone and put them on the calendar for gmail. I had the same results setting up an exchange, caldav, and google sync. Im not very tech savy, when I run into a problem I usually just search the internet for a few minutes and find out how someone else had the problem and then copy what they did. In the 2 days of searching and trying different things, I have not found a solution to my problem.

The end product I am looking to produce is to sync my iphone calendar with my gmail. which in turn is synced to my wifes gmail calendar. Her calendar is sync'ed with her LG Ally. There by connecting my iphone calendar with her calendar. My thought was that I could just send all my events on my iphone to the calendar that my wife and my emails are connected to.

My iphone 4 is on version 4.3.5, if that matters

iPhone 4