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Several people have mentioned this problem and some solutions were given involving copyin a file over from the Apple Applications Support folder to the Mobile Device Support Folder. But when I went to do that, I found the "Apple Applications Support Folder" didn't exist (it does show in programs installed, but not in the Program Files. Any suggestions on what to do at this point?


  • suufromgorokan Level 1 Level 1

    Help!!! I've been sitting here squinting at my screen and doing all the 'fixes' and can't do it.

    Take pity on this grey-haired grannie in Australia and please get someone from Apple to make a patch so we can simply download it and fix this error that's been ongoing for months.


    Please Mr Apple Techno Whiz - hear our pleas.


    I'm not about to go into the registry of this computer and have it crash on me.


    Anyone with a simple way to do then please talk me through it.


    I've even tried unintalling all Apple things in the order someone told me to and that didn't work either.

    I'm getting greyer by the minute.


    Cheers to all who answer


    Suu (gran.of.4)