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I upgraded to 10.7.1 hoping to fix my audio problem. The mini display port detects my Vizio HDTV but only sends video in 10.7.1, no audio. When I boot into Snow Leopard 10.6.8 I get both video and audio with my HDMI adapter to the Vizio. So the hardware and the cable are obviously working. I tried resetting PRAM and resetting SMC but I don't know what else to try before I just give up on Lion and go back to Snow Leopard permanantly. TIA

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Same happens here on my Macbook Pro 13" 2011.


    The good news is that Apple admitted that is a problem with Lion and i guess that they will fix that :-)

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    I wish someone else would contribute something else to try. I am still crossing my fingers. I guess 10.7.1 has fixed this issue on some systems but not others. I thought fixes listed in update descriptions were universal. Maybe they are and I am still missing something. What about the Audio MIDI Setup utility? Should I try a specific setting in that? Or just try different settings? Does it have a reset to default anywhere? I am thinking about giving feedback to Apple about this. If anyone else wants to here is the URL.



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    Same issue with a MacBook Pro 13" Model 8,1 (Early 2011 / Thunderbolt).

    It worked fine with Snow Leopard.

    Since the update, I can't get the audio on my TV, even with 10.7.1

    I tried various times SMC and PRAM reset, still not working.

    HDMI is not visible in de audio option. (The video works fine)

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    I think I figured it out. I have a Macbook Pro (thunderbolt) and a Macbook (White) Latest Model. Both Macs support HDMI sound through the Mini Displayport. I own two Displayport HDMI adaptors. Both were cheap Ebay or internet purchases made in China. They are different brands however. Several months ago before Lion I realized that one of the adaptors would not output sound with my Macbook. I then tried that adaptor on the Macbook pro and the sound worked. 


    The 2nd adaptor transferred sound through HDMI on both computers. So I just used the 1st adaptor with my Pro and used the 2nd adaptor on the White Macbook.


    Now I updated to Lion and the 1st adaptor will not transfer sound on either Mac and the 2nd adaptor still works on both Macs. I tried resetting my PRAM and my SMC and that did not work. I updated the software to 7.1 but that did not work.


    Conclusion:  It is the Displayport adaptor that is the problem. The Lion update seems to have broken the 1st adaptor. It probably does not conform properly to Apple's accessory code. Apple has disabled the audio on the cheap adaptor in the Lion update.


    Remedy: Buy another mini Displayport adaptor cable and be sure that it works with OSX Lion.