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  • john buck1 Level 1 (65 points)


    u should get a bunch of help points for this

    i am a long long long time mac user and had given up on fixing this until i followed your tip

    and of course it worked


    good for you

    good karma to you


  • Photobitstream Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm using Verbatim CDs Magnavox DVDs and cannot burn anything on my 2009 MacBook Pro. Works fine on my wife's 2011 Mac Mini and my son's late 2005 Mac Pro Tower. My wife and I are both running Lion. This problem did not ossucr immediately after installing Lion. A few weeks ago I ran Drive Genius and rebuilt my directory and could burn DVDs. Tried again this morning and nothing shows up on the desktop.


    When I try buring in the Finder my computer just sits there tellng me "To begin, insert a blank disc." iTunes starts thr process, but returns the same error message another poster noted earlier. I have a Genius Bar appointment tomorrow morning, but am thinking of cancelling it. What's the point if this is a known issue?


    Apple needs to fix this yesterday.

  • BoBoDuck Level 1 (0 points)

    The problem may be that the DVD was cut in UDF format.

    See solutions in this post :

  • tacticalsecurity Level 1 (0 points)

    You'll think this is too easy, but it just worked after months of trying everything else.  Take a thin smooth  plastic card (like your work badge NOT A CREDIT CARD WITH IMPRESSIONS), wrap it in a microfiber cloth.  Insert it as far as it will go into the center of the slim drive cd/dvd slot gently with the microfiber cloth wrapped around it on both sides, and gently pull it back it out.  You may have to do this more than once!  Letting the cloth go a bit loose should not hurt the drive, but will catch any dust bunnies, dog hair, or other obstructions interfering with the drive's laser.  I tried this after watching my drive spit out over a 100 dvd's again and again, changing brands, but yet it would burn a CD and play a dual-layer dvd movie, and even recognize a dual-layer DVD but eventually spit it back out.  I found an old Apple support post about early Macbook Pro issues with these drives which was solved by this method, so figured can't make it any worse .  It didn't.  Just burned a 1.5 GB data dvd flawlessly.  I haven't burned a dvd since upgrading to Lion and completely blamed it on the Lion upgrade.  One other note, I did join the Apple Developer Program and am running Mountain Lion, but NOTE, Mountain Lion made no difference to the dvd burn problem.  Only this technique solved it for me.  Hope it works for you.

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    Well, this is very promising. I tried the cleaning trick on both my MacBook Pro and iMac (both couldn't burn DVD's) and just now I burned one on each of them!


    You get the Brilliantly Simple Award, my friend. Thanks a whole bunch.

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    I wish my fix had been that simple. I contacted Apple Support and after a few phone calls they determined the SuperDrive could not cimmuicate fast enought to keep up with Lion, so they replaced the SuperDrive under AppleCare. Now it works fine with the old, slow 5400 RPM stock HD, but I still cannot burn DVDs through the Finder with my 240GB SSD installed. I can burn DVDs at 4x using DragonBurn, but my 2009 MBP will not recognize blank CDs no matter what I do. At least I can now rip music CDs to iTunes again.


    So I ordered a Data Double from Other World Computing and will live without an internal SuperDrive. I'm planning to order 100 custom USB flash drives to hand off files to my customers.

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    I'm not sure if this will help someone but I thought I had the same problem but then realized that the virtual machine I was running on my macbook was using the dvd drive. I simply went to the virtual machine and right click on the drive then did a disconnect CD/DVD. After doing that I was able to burn dvd from my macbook without a problem.

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    I have a similiar problem. Burned a mp3 cd with iTunes, ejected the cd. When i put the cd back into the same mac, it is not recognized and says i put in a blank cd. The cd is absolutely ok as i can open it with another mac running leopard. The problem only exists on lion.

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    A few weeks ago I got a tech support rep on the phone and he sent me an app to read what was going on when trying to use my SuperDrive. I sent the file the app generated to the rep. The next day engineering got back with him and said Lion was sending data to the SuperDrive faster than it could process, so Apple replaced the SuperDrive under AppleCare. When I got the MBP back everything worked fine with the stock 5400 RPM drive, but as soon as I installed my SSD the SuperDrive starting acting up again. I ordered an OWC Data Doubler, replaced the SuperDrive with a Seagate 500GB hybrid drive and installed the SuperDrive in an OWC external USB case. Now I can read, burn and copy every CD or DVD I have tried.


    Seems the problem we have here is a failure to communicate.

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    I had problems burning a data DVD-R (Verbatim) on my iMac running Lion 10.7.4 with Superdrive CD/DVD player.


    The iMac DVD worked fine as reader/player but I couldn't burn anything. I eventually re-booted in 32 bit mode and successsfully burned the disk. Maybe the answer for those of you still experiencing problems?

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    I have this feeling that somewhere along the line someone knew, knows something behind the scenes. Why don't they jsut come out & be up front?  I think if companies do that instead of worrrying about bottom line, they will begin to build trust in customers & they will stay faithful. Just frustrated.  I've tried about everything.  And now, sometimes I here the little mac sound on booting, & other times I don't. & i've been crashing more. I'm sure it's coinciental but it almost always happens when i am typing. I feel like i keep hitting some secret key combo that locks it all up. However, I get different things happening.  Sometimes I will be listening to my Christian radio station online, & the screen will freeze...sometimes I get this white screen w/i think thin blue lines going vertically, but I can still hear the music or someone talking.  Finally, sometimes it seems like 5 minues, but usually less, maybe a minute, it will go quite, or sound like it's a scratched LP that keeps repating that same little blip of noise, music. I have a feeling that I'm having a few things going on all of a sudden.  Ever since the update.  And w/o a recall I kind of have to just plug along, hoping that it will start up one more time, as I am on a very ltd disability income, & just barely get along (& the Executive Vacation Supplement via gas price extortion has had  a big impact on me as well as many on ltd income (I know it is hitting the working folks too), that hasn't helped matters. Yes, it's coming down b/c the election is approaching...But I don't think he will get it back down to the $1.67 it was when he took over).  But alas, I did not take my afternoon ADHD meds (I'm actually being serious here) & I am distracting myself again.  In short, I think i'm up the paddle w/o a creek.  We recently (recent to may have been here for a yr or 2 already...I'm not good w/time) got an Apple store in the mall.  I guess i could maybe get an estimate?  I hate taking things in...altho I have a monitor that is under some sort of fix by Apple. But when I moved I lost the paper w/the ref#. I just found it, by the grace of God, going thru a box of papers in my storage. So I should get that in in order to get my G4 up & running again in case this iMac takes a bigga dump.

    Anyways thanx for your feedback. I keep hoping one of these things has gotta work.  but like you, no easy answer. Later.

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    Well, I don't care about running the risk of appearing naeve. I am.  I know I should know how to reboot in 32-bit, but i cannot think how to right now. Please reboot my memory. (I don't like to make excuses, but let's just say the ADHD...presents me w/numerous ooprtunities to relearn old things over & over again as if they were brand new!)  i can't even find my iMac manual around (my room is an ADHD warzone...where I am the enemy, ally & piece negotiator). Thanx.

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    First, check which mode you're in (about this Mac > more info... > system report > software, then check 2nd to bottom entry on right hand pane which will have the message "64 bit kernel and extensions  Yes (or No)).


    If 'no' you're already running in 32-bit so no point in continuing. If 'Yes' re-boot then proceed as below:

    "From Apple Support Pages:


    Startup key combination (for current startup only)

    • If your Mac uses the 64-bit kernel by default, you can start up with the 32-bit kernel by holding the 3 and 2 keys during startup.

    Your Mac will revert to the default kernel the next time you reboot it."

    My note: You 'll need to hold down the 3 & 2 keys from switch on (before the Apple logo appears). Keep them held down until logon page appears. If you are using a bluetooth keyboard make sure the battery is fully charged (or use a USB keyboard) as otherwise the Keyboard may not connect in time to recognise the 32 command. Check which mode you're in as described above.



    Good luck!

  • moniqjay Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes this 32 bit mode fix works. But I've found it's just the type of disc your using. I had memorex dvd-r's and the don't read or write at all on my Macbookpro running Lion OSX. Tring using different CD. Doesn't make a lot of sense but that seems to be the cause of the problem. After dealing with apple on the phone and at the store, this is what their going to tell you in the end...


    If you ask me, still ***** though.


    PS. I may have bought this particular DVD-R's outside the country, maybe that why they only open and or burn in 32 bit mode???

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    same problem - actually, many other problems as well - so regret this expensive "switch".....never had probs of any kind with my old was just years old and big and heavy so I bought the 13" macbook pro on daughter's recommendation, (she has a Toshiba and can't afford a Mac but wanted one)  and after a full year of fighting with it, regret the $$.... wonder if I can sell this piece of junk?