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G'day all,


I have recently purchased an iPad 2 Wifi 64gb 3g.


I just updated the software version on it to the latest off I tunes this morning.


I purchased a keyboard dock for it (genuine apple) and it works fine but it is a bit of a pain to use because I need to continually take the protective cover off the ipad to use it.


I decided to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard instead (once again genuine apple unit), it connects fine and it works, but some of the functions don’t, eg: volume play/pause FF/RW. Pretty much all the function keys on the top row do nothing except the one that you push to bring up the keyboard on the screen.


I know these function keys do work because when you push them and the screen is off it brings the ipad back to life and shows you the lock screen.

The keyboard dock works perfectly and all ipad specific keys work no problems (top row).


My question is-


Is this a problem with my keyboard or is it a software issue with the ipad 2 and not accepting the genuine apple Bluetooth keyboard. Has anyone else had this problem?

Many thanks,



iPad 2