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I am looking for a parental control timer app to limit my daughter's i touch access. I'm looking for something that can restrict certain times, like 11 pm to 6 am. Any ideas?

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    The closest i could find is this.




    other than that, use restrictions in the settings.



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    If you wish to setup time limits for Internet access on the iPod Touch, you may use the Safe Browser app from Mobicip for the purpose. See this tutorial - How To Setup Internet Access Time Limits Using Mobicip


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    not much you can do on that, apple does not have a phone time limit app.

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    The previous reviewers are right. There is no way to set time limits for overall usage of the iPod touch. However, you could setup an alternate safe browser like the one from Mobicip and that will allow you to setup time limits for internet access alone. You may find this tutorial to be helpful:

    How To Setup Internet Access Time Limits Using Mobicip


    Disclaimer: This reply is posted by a Mobicip representative who may stand to gain indirectly from it.

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    Did you ever try these apps that were suggested and how successful did you find them as I am having this same problem

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    Try this app called ParentKit. It allows the parent to disable apps and schedule them to be available for use at specified times. Like during recess or lunch time.  What's best about this app is that you can control the child's iPhone remotely.



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    The only bad part about parentkit, is that it uses the same passcode as what is set on the device. If the same passcode is used, whats to say my child will not delete the parentkit. Come on apple, integrate a time limit app into these devices with TRUE parental controls. Other than that it's aexcellent app

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    I'm not sure that's correct. Parentkit is installed on the parents device and it controls the child's device from there. You don't actually install the app on the child's device so there is nothing to delete. I'd look into it more closely. I can't stop suggesting this app. It's very useful and parent friendly.

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    You DO install the App on the childs device as well as the parents.

    However, a paid subscription is required after a free week trial.  Not cheap $40 a year.   And the time limits aren't easy to set.


    I suggest you get on the Apple App store, under Utilities and search for "Time limits"   read reviews as some are easy to disable some just don't work well.

    If all else fails, you can still subscribe to the ParentKit App.

    Too bad the "restrictions" on the device don't have a limiter.

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    I've got the app installed on both my iphone and ipad and only a profile is installed on my childs ipad. There is no app for them to see or delete. As for the cost, c'mon $4.00 a month to do what this app does on all of my kids devices is minor.

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    I understand how it's set up. I would not have posted a reply if I didn't do some extensive research. If you go into settings-apps on the "child's" iPod you find the parent kit as an app and it says right next to it "delete this app".  As far as price goes, I think I'll just stick to taking the iPod away at night

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    The app itself is not supposed to be installed on the child's device, only a profile. If it is installed (perhaps accidentally with a sync) on the child's device, delete it and the app still works remotely from my device. Now I don't have this on an iPod, only his ipad but I'm assuming it's the same.

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    Installed it... works pretty well as a kill switch. But you can delete the MDM ParentKit profile in Profiles/General/Settings of my son's iPod Touch. My son may eventually find this, and it's tied to his screen password, not my parent restrictions password. They need to restrict deletion of this profile to save the hassel of putting it back on, then having to set the screen lock password as something I know, rather than him..