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I just lost EVERYTHING on my computer. All I have left now are my songs and photos on my iPhone. Once I got my laptop back with a brand new hardrive, I was anxious to sync my phone up to iTunes. I felt that once I had all my things on my computer, I wouldn't have to worry so much about my phone getting stolen or broken or something. (My family has a bad history with accidentally washing our phones in our laundry...) I downloaded iTunes and waited an hour for the sync to back up my phone. Once that was done, I looked in my library expecting an extremely long and comforting list of songs to appear on the screen. However, there was absolutely nothing. I looked under the music tab on my phone and checked the Sync Music box only to be greeted with a scary window threatening to replace the songs on my iPhone with the songs in my library. That would be all fine and dandy IF I actually HAD songs in my library... HELP ME. I live on my music, for my music, and because of my music. Plus, I've purchased every last song on there and I would be very, very, very, very, very angry if all those 99 cent songs (which add up) were to disappear. I'd be very, very angry indeed. Oh and my artwork is all messed up on my recent purchases for some reason. Technology doesn't like me.

iPhone 4, Windows Vista