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iPhone 4
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    Tap Setttings / Brightness


    Adjust your settings.

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    While I understand you are trying to help, this is frustrating because I also have this problem yet you answered a question asking about CONTRAST with directions on how to adjust BRIGHTNESS. they are two different things.

    this is generally why TV's have a setting for brightness and contrast. I can't understand why so many people asking about this get answered the same way.

    the brightness setting in iPhone is clear as day. what is not clear or perhaps not even available is a CONTRAST setting.

    I set my brightness so that whites are white. yet the rest goes a bit too dark and perhaps a bit too vivid. I want to adjust so it is not quite so garish, but i can't find a way to do it.

    my other iphone looks lovely. this new one looks way too vivid.

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    No, there is no contrast setting on the iPhone. Brightness is all you have to work with. There is also no horizontal hold.

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    If you have reading problems with the contrast, you could try Settings/general/accessability/white-on-black.

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    Contrast is just the same or indirectly related to brightness. It should be a big deal though. /___sbsstatic___/migration-images/191/19169215-1.gif

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    brightness is the white level, contrast is the black level.


    perhaps apple just want to push people to alternative means. I have read that there is a way to do it and it is a very simple thing.

    contrast setting is something I had on my tv back in 1990. and colour level.

    it's basic.

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    Please give the names of any smartphones you've used that have adjustable contrast.

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    contrast setting is something I had on my tv back in 1990. and colour level.

    it's basic.


    TVs back in 1990 were analog CRT and needed brightness, contrast and colour level settings due to the variations in the tubes. Modern digital LCD and LED screens are pre-calibrated to match colours, brightness and contrast to the original digital source material. We are 20 years on from CRT. What you digitally output to a digital screen is what you get.

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    julian wright, this is a very sensible and reasoned explaination.

    if you would be so kind, explain to me why such an advanced and carefully calibrated system results in my two iphone 4 having completely different contrast? 

    the newer white one has midtones that are deeper and have more saturation.

    if this is the result of such a careful calibration scheme, then I would hate to see what they would be like if they didn't calibrate.

    also, this kind of flies in hte face of the assertion that they don't need to be calibrated.