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why won't some songs play on my ipod classic when they play fine on itunes on my pc?


These songs play fine on my desktop along with showing the correct album art, and they seem to sync fine with my classic, but when they come to play on my classic they are displayed momentarily and are just skipped.  The problem appears to be random although the same song refuse to play, in a few cases songs have played previously on my classic but now are skipped after another sync-ing.

Windows 7
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    I had the same problem and still don't know why it happens, but had a reasonably simple (but kind of stupid) fix - rather than repeating it, let me just refer you to the appropriate thread: https://discussions.apple.com/message/18123183#18123183

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    I have the latest Itunes and a IPOD CLASSIC updated.

    Some songs i can play in itunes (MP3 CDRip 320 KBS) won't play in the ipod.

    I don't know how to fix this problem.

    I restored the ipod from the itunes and sync again, but the problem persist.

    The sogs are Skipped when i try to play.



    I find a fix for this problem: sync the music with mediamonkey.

    ALL songs can be played in the ipod after sync with mediamonkey.

    Is very strange this problem, maybe itunes generate this problem, because after aync with itunes many songs are skiped and won't play, but with mediamonkey sync the problem is solved.