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can I uninstall parallels 5 from a mac book with lion installed

mac book 2.4 gig 250 gig OS 10.5.2, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    To my knowledge Parallels puts an un-installer app in its Parallels folder.


    Using this uninstaller app should remove Parallels from your Mac but not the VMs (Virtual Machines) you used with Parallels.



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    Thanks Stefan for this reply. I tried using the Paralles 5 uninstaller provided on the original DVD but it comes back with "Parallel is not installed on this computer" (or some such reply). I tried launching Parallel 5 from lion but, as expected, it doesn't launch.

    So far, we're still stuck. I keep looking and will get back if answer is found

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    Just to add to the conversation with some helpful information. 

    Prior to install i was more worried about finding a Quicken replacement than anything (decided on iBank).  I installed Lion and then realized as I was going through my system that Parallel 5 set up for my previous employer.  As suspected, it did not work. So I upgraded Parallels planning to eventually set it up again in the future including reinstalling the version of windows.  When I finally logged on with after the upgrade, all my files, etc. was still there.  Shocking but true.  Double check to see if this occured with any one else.  Good luck.