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10.7.1 download link for those not wishing to go through Software Update is:




Before you do, please, please, PLEASE


For every update, someone, somewhere claims that it maimed their system.  It killed their first born.  It made mockery of their senses.   It zapped their photos. It was a solar destroyer.  Please understand, updates do not have that power.   We all as users must understand, that there are many other factors at play in software stability.   Data corruption, hard disk becoming too full.  Extras installed, software, driver, firmware, and just plain hardware vulnerability to age can all play a factor in failure. So before you run out to get the next update, please backup your data to two separate entities.  They can be clones, they can be just copied user data, or they can be printouts, but don't expect an update to be there to fix your system.  Fix your system so it is stable first, so added features from updates can be applied without issue.  And the only truly stable system is one that has at least two backups.  Because the backups are the only true method of recovery should any issue arise. Thank you.