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Never had any problem using my iphone on my win 7 laptop,

then since last night im trying to sync for new music and nada!!

Both Iphone 3gs and Itunes are up to date, my usb is still charging the iphone so usb and cord ok, i deleted everything and reinstall everything, turned both devices on and off 67 times...ive been reading all night discussions but nothing seems to help or i might of do something wrong...

i am on version 4.3.5(8L1)

Please help if theres a genius out there or just someone smarter then the average bear!!!

iPhone 3GS
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    What version of iTunes you got? Most issues can be solved by getting the latest version of iTunes.

    How’s your iPhone battery? Try giving the iPhone a good charge before syncing again.

    Try using a different USB port. You could try unpluging all other unnecessary USB stuff and just plug in the iPhone by itself.

    Unplug the iPhone, restart the computer and try pluging it in again.

    Try turning the iPhone off now turn it back on again. Hold down the Sleep (Wake) button on top of the phone for a few seconds now drag the red slider that appears. Now press and hold the Sleep (Wake) button and wait for the Apple logo to show up.

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    Yeah ive tryed all of this already and nothing as changed,

    i just updated itunes to the latest version before this happen

    and the usb port works fine its charging the device my battery is 100%

    this is weird :S and it ***** i wanted my new music before work...

  • FAST&FURIOUS Level 1 (55 points)

    Does they put: itunes cannot read the contents of iphone...?

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    No theres just nothing happening...i can go in settings and see my iphone as a camera and its in the services flder and all just itunes wont do anything lol