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    Please have a host contact me as soon as possible via email, I'm really very concerned about something.  Thank you!

  • blogthis Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi Kappy,


    Sorry if this is a "double post" as I think I just replied at the wrong person/link on this thread?  I wanted to be sure you received my request for a host or moderator to contact me in email for my private concern.


    I'm very sorry and worried about my forum posts that had a quote from a publically available "rumor/speculation" site being deleted today, as I would never intentionally or knowingly break any Apple rules...


    After just reading the latest updated Apple forum rules, I feel horrible.


    So Please; I need clarification on something important in email, privately (totally unrelated to the rumor itself).


    You can delete my accidentally duplicate post here and or this one too (for some reason, I can't delete my own post?).


    Thank you!

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