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I've been running Darwin QT Streaming Server on an old PPC machine for several years.  Recently purchased an Intel machine and OSX Lion.


So, I'm thinking to use the new machine for video streaming, but... QTSS seems to have died.  Now it's HTTP Live Streaming.


Which is fine.  But where can I find some solid tutorials for setting up and deploying HLS?  Apple's site has nothing, and I haven't found much of use out in Web-land, either.


Any pointers on how HLS works and how a person would set it up to take the place of an old QTSS set-up would be appreciated.  Or pointers to someplace on the Web with this kind of information.  Thanks.

Mac OS X (10.7)
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    It looks to me as though a person who wants to set up HLS must pay Apple the $99 fee to be a "developer".  (Otherwise, you can't download the tools necessary to segment video clips, etc.)


    If Darwin Streaming Server works on Lion, I guess I'll just continue with it.  But it seems a shame, not to mention ironic, that Apple wants to keep useful technology out of the hands of regular folks.