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so i recently bought a mac for college and i am trying to import my music onto my itunes from my family itunes account on a pc. i selected all the songs in the playlist i wanted to import and then clicked "import." i then noticed that at the top it said importing song __ of 1324. but at the bottom of the playlist it stated that there were actually 1422 songs. when it finished importing it told me that 98 of my songs could not be imported because my computer was not authorized. i checked an it seems to me that my computer is authorized. i deauthorized it and then authorized it again and this still didnt work. i then went back to my pc and made it sure it was authorized for both accounts, which it is. it still will not let me import those select 98 songs and i cant figure out why or what is so different about those from the other ones. HELP!


also on the pc it states that i have 1457 songs on the playlist instead of 1422 on my mac. why would that be?


any ideas are appreciated i leave for college in a couple days and wont be able to use home sharing anymore :/

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instead of homesharing your library from the PC to the Mac, copy your entire iTunes folder. use the instructions in the article here.

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