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  • David Jenner2 Level 1 Level 1

    This is amazing!

    Flash mobbing the Genius Bars would be an act of "genius" on behalf of the c&p sufferers!

    I'm in South East England so the Bluewater branch would be my nearest Apple store.


    It still begs the question, "Why isn't this issue being taken seriously?"


    Unless this is an impossible task (and I don't believe it is) then surely this could be all fixed before lunch time today?


    How do we draw it to the attention of someone who can really address this? We're fast approaching 10,000 viewings of this post now and it's getting somewhat ridiculous.

  • Dr Oetker Level 1 Level 1

    It's a good idea to gather in the same store with the same problem which has needed addresssing for almost 2 years now (if I recall correctly) - long overdue to be sorted for sure.


    I'm near the Apple Store WhiteCity in London, UK. - Where I have gone with this Mail editing problem finally last year. It had been noted but nothing much done as far as I'm aware.


    I c'd also go to the Apple Store Regent St or Covent Garden in London, UK if anyone else is closer to that.

  • DanielBM Level 1 Level 1

    Has anyone checked if this is fixed in ML?

  • Matthew Gillard Level 1 Level 1

    May be premature but I installed mountain lion yesterday and have not been able to recreate the problem so far. Spent a while copyinv and pasting various formatted text from other sorces (pdfs, web pages etc) into varios places within my formatted signatures and insert always occurred at the correct position. It has always been very consistent and repeatable before but I won't be sure until I've used my email for a couple of days in the office. Early signs are good though.

  • DanielBM Level 1 Level 1

    Sounds promising, thanks a lot!

  • ManOVision Level 1 Level 1

    This problem is still there for me in Mountain Lion.  Very frustrating.


    -Edit: If I use the keyboard shortcuts, the pasted text gets put at the bottom of the email.  If I use the right-click, paste, it puts it where the cursor is.

  • David Jenner2 Level 1 Level 1

    Well as a long term sufferer of the C&P problem (I wrote the original post for this thread) it looks as if maybe, just maybe the Mountain Lion update has fixed it for me!


    I was very sceptical as to whether this would actually work, after all, we've been through four or five OS upgrades with no joy in the past, but the early signs look good for me. I'm really sorry for anyone still suffering with this after the 10.8 move, I feel your pain. I'd like to say it was a clean install that was the belt and braces fix for this but I just dived straight in and did a regualr installation and it appears to have worked.


    I'm not going too confident as I've seen dozens of posts on this forum of people who have suggested solutions, so let's just see if it really is working or not. I shall keep tabs on this thread and look forward to anyone also finding success with the move to ML.


    I wanted to post a note on this thread last week when I actually noticed this same problem occuring in Google Mail, has anyone else experienced the cut and paste issues in GMail? However, since the update it appears that even this is working OK now so I wonder if the solution extends beyond just the Mail application?


    Can anyone find any documentation on the under the hood fixes in Mountain Lion? I wonder if it mentions any corrections to code relating to cutting and pasting.


    I feel elated at the moment as if I've been cured of some mystery illness, I sure hope it lasts. Good luck everyone.

  • Harold Snider Level 1 Level 1

    Hi! I have not upgraded yet but thought I'd share this ....

    - My wife recently experienced the same kind of "Cut / Misplaced" issue while writing a long email with her iPad using Yahoo Mail through Safari,
    then ...

    - I too had the issue with MacMail trying to respond to her email (from Ipad/Safari/Yahoo Mail) to me

    Her Ipad 2 is up-to-date


    It only happened once to her using her iPad ... but she showed me and I saw it. She couldn't get ther copied section to place where she had the cursor. It only inserted somewhere higher in the text

  • kirstenfrombrooklyn Level 1 Level 1

    Shift+Option+Command+V has stopped working for me. Why?

    What causes this? Is it a virus / bug?

  • TotoroO Level 1 Level 1

    I'm simply too afraid to upgrade. I always wait for some fixes to come out and for the other vendors to catch up to the release. I have little hope of cut and paste getting fixed or that they will fix the font issues with the signature. So many years. So many let downs. I'll certainly post something if I see it fixed.

  • 3mstrrktek7 Level 1 Level 1

    Even if Mtn Lion DID fix the problem (which it doesn't appear it did), Apple OWES it to all its users to fix this problem in ALL operating systems, at least back to Leopard. It in fact doesn't appear this is related to the operating system version, but more specifically to Mail and any sub-programs it uses.


    The reason I can NOT upgrade beyond Snow Leopard is because of whatever Apple did with Lion to REQUIRE me to HAVE to upgrade just about EVERY program I have. One of these is a $4000 CAD program which WOULD require just about $4000 to upgrade if I switched to Lion ........ Thanks, Apple! Not to mention the cost of all the other program upgrades.


    Then there is this little innocuous program called "Mail" that everyone uses and needs, essentially "free", but oh HOW FRUSTRATING!

    Perhaps quit upgrading the OS with new features Apple and just get the existing ones to work!

  • TotoroO Level 1 Level 1

    But on the bright side, we should be able to continue with a new thread on Mountain Lion soon!! We know know how to keep up with multiple OS releases. So talented.

  • horanel Level 1 Level 1

    I have been suffering with this for years, and dread writing well formatted business emails because they take hours, with corrupted formatting. It's gotten to the point where I am jealous of the beautiful MS based emails I get from colleagues. I simply CANNOT set up a well-formatted system without it corrupting. Not only does the cut/paste issue persist, but I cannot maintain single spacing for bullets that I insert from a pasted doc. or other formatting transfers back and forth from a document, nor even make changes to the munged paste.


    I am extremely frustrated with this. It makes Apple users look like idiots when outlook and other programs have hugely formatted and interactive settings and create beautiful memos and newletters.


    I had to delete all my signatures, and still have other formatting problems. Just creating the signatures took hours, because those can't be formatted with any variety either without it corrupting.


    CAN anyone suggest a  ROBUST THIRD PARTY EMAIL PROGRAM that can be used with OsX ? (not a browser mail program--which are too simplistic) I'd like good formatting and graphics potential??  Thanks

  • David_OZ Level 1 Level 1

    Why is this taking so long to fix Apple?  This bug together with the formatting issues of rich text/HTML emails is driving us all crazy.

    I've tried several alternatives to (including Outllok 2011 for Mac) and the problems still persist! Why are Mac users treated like second class citizens on this issue? It's pretty sad I have to run Outlook in a VM just so I can send out a decent looking email!

  • 3mstrrktek7 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi All,

    Long time Mac User in grief counseling over this ridiculous issue!

    Just thought I'd pass along the latest article from MacWorld about Apple's degrading customer service! Following is the link: rs_not_cash.html#lsrc.nl_mwweek_h_cbstories


    I made a comment on there as follows; AND, WOULD ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO GO THERE AND MAKE A SIMILAR COMMENT!!!!


    Comment on MacWorld's article:

    "Yes, I ...... actually WE, have a comment about Apple putting their customers first ...... NOT!

    I would hopefully bring to MACWORLD's attention the following string on Apple's Support Communities web site regarding a LONG-TIME, UNANSWERED issue with the Mail Program. The web page is:

    While this is not directly related to this Apple Store article regarding customer service, there have been several on this string that HAVE gone to the Apple Store to try to resolve the issue, but to no avail - being told that "someone will look at it" and NOTHING being done.

    I am HOPING, beyond hope, that perhaps someone from MacWorld will take up this issue and bring it to the forefront, for at least a moment, and perhaps getting Apple's attention. It is an insidious and unnecessary issue that has pervaded US for at least a couple of years now. It is a ridiculous issue that should NOT exist and is regarding "Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem..."

    Thanks for listening

    Don Brubaker"

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