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    Well, I'm still getting notified when someone adds or comments on this forum, hence my reply here! However, the notifications of activity are now few and far between.


    Unfortunately, I agree with you that the occurances of the problem are NOT few and far between and the only way to lessen them is to use as little "special" formatting as possible. (You know, that "special" formatting that EVERY ONE uses now as second nature in most every other platform or program!)


    But, alas (like that word!), Apple is silent.


    When you think about it, really does seem odd since I'll bet it is somewhat of an easy fix, at least for their "genius'" (NOT) ...... at least not at the moment.


    So, to Apple, I say, ask, plead nicely ........ come on ...... can't someone look at the this and fix it for us loyal, though downtrodden, customers? Please?




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    Does anybody know if OS X Yosemite will fix the issue?


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    YES! PLEASE FIX!  This is a most annoying problem that happens to me every single day!  (sorry about all caps - this one really pushes my buttons)

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