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I am having a couple serious issues with Quicktime 10 Player on Snow Leopard. I have created a screen recording using Quicktime 10 Player, and edited it using Quicktime Pro (from Quicktime Player 7). My edits include clipping out sections, adding some .PNG overlays, and applying a mask to the main video track. I then save the movie to a new .mov file.


When played on Quicktime 10, I have 2 main problems:

1) The quality of the images is degraded. In screen recording, the text is fuzzy.

2) The mask applied is completely ignored. It insists on displaying the un-masked version.


This same .mov file plays completely PERFECTLY in Quicktime 7 player. No fuzziness whatsoever, and the mask is honored. So what's with the downgraded quality and capabilities of Quicktime 10?


I am beginning to agree with the "Quicktime 10 is junk" comments I see sprinkled around here.


  - Frank

Quicktime, Mac OS X (10.6.8)