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Is there an SSTP VPN client out there for the iPad?

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    You can't use the SSTP VPN protocol for Mac, Windows XP, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or Android.

    Despite hundreds of rumors being spread on the Internet, SSTP is only supported by Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (or later), and Windows 7.

    SSTP is only supported by Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista Service Pack 1, and Windows 7. 

    There is no way around it.

    So what are your options?

    Mobile devices – PPTP or L2TP/IPSec
    Mac/Windows/Linux – SSL/OpenVPN (PPTP and L2TP also available, but less preferable)

    Win. Server 2008/Win. Vista SP1+/Win 7 – Yes, SSTP is available.

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    A definite need for an SSTP client for Macs and iPads.  It gets around the issue of a firewall if PPTP or L2TP outbound ports are blocked.  Really the only way around that right now is SSTP.  Pretty simple (though I couldn't do it.  )  It is just using the SSL transport (port 443).  Wondering why MS has a corner on that market to date?  Works great from Win7 or Vista, I'd just prefer not to have to use one of those options...

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    Couldn't agree more with you.

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    there is a client for mac available - did anyone tried it yet or has a howto install it inkl. certificates, etc.?


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    There is another alternative floating around out there, a shareware app called EasySSTP for MAC. It's developed by a company that seems to no longer exist, Llamedos Software, But several VPN providers have this software cached for download. It works well and has a nice easy GUI to configure it and according to a user on Twitter looking to license this software for $9 it doesn't seem to expire past its 30-day trial period. the SourceForge alternative listed in above post should also work, but is very complicated to install for users and has no real GUI either as far as I can tell.


    So contrary to coreyfromdaleviles post, SSTP on a Mac IS possible. the real question is why there isn't a supported reasonably priced maintained client for Mac available when there clearly is a demand for it?!? I have several customers running mixed Mac/PC environments with a central Essentials Server 2012/R2 running file print and remote access services with SSTP, a secure easy way to do VPN through virtually any firewall network with just one port open on your own firewall. clean, dependable, stable secure VPN, but almost just for PCs. Llamedos Software seems to have vanished last summer and I've been trying to get in touch with somebody involved to see if there is any plans for maintaining och developing it further. So far unsuccessfully.