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It's frustrating me.  The volume is all the way up yet sound won't play on apps but will on music vids etc.... I can get sound in apps only when I have headphones plugged in, but when I don't, the sound won't play out loud.. The only way I can get sounds on apps through the ipads speaker, is when I play a song out loud (but then I have to listen to the song while the app's sound is working and it's annoying). I've used an iPod touch for years and I'm not new to iOS or apple devices. HELLLLLLPPPPP!!





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    some apps send their sound thru the system side and if your side switch is set to mute, they will be muted.  tap settings, general, and make see if your side switch is set to mute.  if it is, slide the switch to turn the sounds back on.  If that is not the issue, try the always helpful reset - hold the sleep and home button, past the 'turn off bar'  until it totally shuts down, then restart the pad and see if that cleared it up.

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    I had a similar problem but all the sound  worked only by the headphones plugged in. I solved it by going to settings, general, restore and then selecting reset settings, and then vualá the sound came back again.

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    I have been having the same issue as well. I bought my Ipad about 2 months ago and recently it started having issues where the sound would completely stop. I know that it still has sound capabilities simply because Siri will work and if I go to the sound settings, the different alerts will make sounds. Nothing though through Netflix videos or from my music files or games. I'm not sure about the headphones working because I just haven't checked that out. I tried all the things that have been mentioned on here: restoring settings, the orientation button thing, etc.  NOTHING works.  However, when I take off my protective case, which is a Griffin Survivor Military case, everything works fine! So I am now wondering if the case is somehow interferring with the Ipad working properly. If you have a protective case on, try removing it and see if it helps. It sounds weird, I know. I have had mine with a case on since day one of owning it, and it just within the past few days started doing this.

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    Double-click the Home button and swipe Task Bar to the right. Check the Volume and Mute settings.

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    I've done that and it's not muted, and the volume bar is there, but there is no slider button to change the volume.

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    I have the military case too, but whit a total restore of contents and settings and then usuing THE oldest version of my iCloud backup THE iPad is fine now, I tried before just to restore settings but worked for a little time. And is working fine with THE military case.

    THE volume bar is in THE extreme left of THE list of icons that You see echen You press double THE Home button, just after THE play/stop button

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    I was having the exact same problem. I was getting sound through from YouTube but not from LoveFilm. I checked the "Multitasking bar" several times but completely missed the 'mute' button at the far left. This is stupidly completely separate from the mute on the volume control or the side switch. So even if you KNOW it's not muted from the side switch check the far left of the multitasking bar because that could still be muted..



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    After transferring my daughter from one iPad to another we had a similar problem.  Speakers wouldn't work, earbuds didn't work, nothing.  We tried streaming to our Apple TV and that worked but the speakers and headphones still wouldn't.  I checked all the settings (mute, volume, system sounds, bluetooth, etc.)  Eveything set correctly but no sound.


    Ultimately I paired with a set of bluetooth headphones.  Those worked and after I switched back everything (internal speakers, earbuds) worked! 


    My theory is that since my daughter had used bluetooth headphones on her iPad before the transfer some setting must not have transferred correctly.  She hadn't used the her old headphones in quite a while and they didn't show up in bluetooth settings.  I even tried it with bluetooth off before pairing and finally fixing the problem.