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Older versions of the Macbook Air had a "Dashboard" button on the F4 key, but now on the new Macbook Air units, the F4 key triggers "Mission Control" instead. You can see the difference here:


I like being able to get into the Dashboard quickly, and I used to rely on that key. Now with my new Macbook Air, I can no longer get into Dashboard with a single keystroke. When I go into System Preferences, I see a preferences pane called "Mission Control" and it seems to offer a setting that would allow me to assign a function key to Dashboard, seen here:


I set "F9" to trigger dashboard. On my Macbook Air, the F9 key has a "fast forward" icon on it, perhaps meant to be used for controlling music and video. For whatever reason, even though I have assigned "F9" to Dashboard, pressing F9 does not actually do anything at all.


Further, there is no gesture that can trigger Dashboard.


Note I am not using Dashboard as a Space because that is an awful idea.


How can I assing a function key to trigger the Dashboard in Mac OS X Lion on my new Macbook Air?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7)
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