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cahloe Level 1 (0 points)

I decided to first "restore" my phone in the itunes store and then i  "Erase(d) All Contents and Settings". Its been taking longer then a couple hours and it is not showing the apple logo is is showing the circle loading screen. Is this normal? Please help!

iPhone 4
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,946 points)

    It is NOT normal. An iPhone 4 should erase in a few seconds. The iPhone 3G and iPhone Classic would take several hours, but the 3GS and 4 are almost instantaneous (because all they do is delete the phone's encryption key).

  • John Hammer1 Level 4 (2,805 points)

    If it's an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, it should only have required a few minutes. Otherwise, it can take a very, VERY long time because the process is entirely different. If you have an iPhone earlier than a 3GS you must have patience; don't interrupt the process. It takes hours. If it's not done in... say... 12 hours, come back for help.


    Was there a reason to do this rather extreme operation?


  • cahloe Level 1 (0 points)

    I have an iphone 4, one of my old friends that works at apple messed with my phone one day. I had a bunch of odd apps on my phone so i just decided to back it up and clear it. Im nervous because it is taking so long and i have the newest model of the iphone (i think! haha). What would happen if i interrupted it/how long would one suppose it would take to clear everything off of it? it was almost full with music and apps.

  • John Hammer1 Level 4 (2,805 points)

    An iPhone 4 would require only a few minutes. There wasn't any real need to do the Erase All operation, though; a more simple Factory Restore from iTunes on your computer would have been fine and a lot less drastic.


    Try a force reset:


    If that doesn't work, you might need to contact AppleCare for help, or go into your nearest Apple Store. And from now on, keep your friend away from your phone.

  • wjosten Level 10 (94,210 points)

    Something has gone wrong, on an iPhone 4 the erase all operation should be instantaneous. Disconnect your phone & force it into recovery mode:


    Turn your phone off. Leave the USB cable connected to your computer, but NOT your phone, iTunes running, press & hold the home button while connecting the USB cable to your dock connector, continue holding the home button until you see “Connect to iTunes” on the screen. You may now release the home button. iTunes should now display that it has detected your phone in recovery mode, if not quit and reopen iTunes. If you still don’t see the recovery message repeat these steps again. iTunes will give you the option to restore from a backup or set up as new. In your case, select "new".

  • cahloe Level 1 (0 points)

    im a bit confused. i held down the top an "home" button on my phone and disconnected it from the wall plug in... it took a second but started up and has all the same apps and everything. i'd still like to wipe my phone clean but i have no idea what a "dock connector" is and now my itunes isnt recognizing my phone... i'm sorry! please help!

  • wjosten Level 10 (94,210 points)

    Here's your dock connector:




    Then follow my directions & restore your phone as a new device.

  • John Hammer1 Level 4 (2,805 points)

    Try a normal reset; just turn your phone off and then on again:


    Then connect it to your computer (with iTunes already running) via the USB cable.


    Give it a few seconds, then look for your phone's icon in the left-hand column of the iTunes window. Click on it once.


    In the right-hand (large) column of the iTunes window, look for RESTORE TO FACTORY SETTING. Click on that and let it happen; it will take a few minutes.


    Do not bother with the Erase All command from your iPhone's Settings app - unless you have a significant security concern, it is not necessary to do that.

  • cahloe Level 1 (0 points)

    i have done what you said multiple times but have never received the "connect to itunes" message. my phone continues to turn on the same way as before with a message that says "charging is not supported by this accessory". My phone will also still not show up in itunes.

  • wjosten Level 10 (94,210 points)

    Clean out your dock connector...look closely any lint or other crud...any bent pins? Use compressed air and/or a soft toothbrush, if necessary.

  • AshishSG Level 1 (0 points)

    I am trying to do erasing all contents and settings as a part of unlock phone from AT&T.  I am using iphone4


    It is not showing the apple logo is is showing the circle loading screen. Its been more than 12 hours . I cant even restart the iphone ,

    1. i held the power off button for a minute ,
    2. home button for minute ,
    3. both power and home button together

    Nothing is happening , still getiing circle loading screen.


    Please help me on wha to do next ? iphoen is hanging in limbo state right now

  • John Hammer1 Level 4 (2,805 points)

    Since you can't unlock the phone yourself, I'm guessing that you are attempting to perform some kind of jailbreak. We cannot provide assistance to you in that case; Apple does not permit discussion of jailbreaks in these forums.

  • AshishSG Level 1 (0 points)

    These steps are given by AT&T. They said they have unlcoked from their side and asked me to these steps. The AT&T contract i terminated long time ago.

  • Ank.65 Level 1 (0 points)

    my i phone was not going in off mode and its not showing any thing on i decided to restore my i phone through i tune but it was asking to turn off find my i phone so i went to i cloud and from there i removed the device.
    then i got logo on of apple and there after circles and its taking time...
    what to do now?

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