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Where can I buy official Parts for iPhone 3GS?


I was in the Apple store and was told I would need official parts for me to be able to have the iPhone repaired and replaced by them. They said they can only repair it with "official parts for official parts" and told me when it has that they will reapir it.


The iPhone itself is second-hand from a friend and was broken when received. It still works in the sense that when I plug it in apps, music etc. can be transferred but the screen itself is cracked at the bottom near the home button. Only a white light appears on screen rather than the normal display.

Screws are missing from the bottom and the digitizer is third party (I think its the digitizer, its the sheet of film under glass?).


I understand Apple don't sell parts themselves to customers but where can i find them in the UK?

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    It sounds like you did not actually take it in to an "Apple Store". Maybe an Apple reseller?  Apple would not tell you you need 'official parts', they would tell you how much they will charge you to repair the glass or replace the phone. There is no other option at an actual Apple Store.  Find a real Apple Store and make an appointment at the Genius bar.

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    An Apple store asked YOU to provide them with parts?  That doesn't sound right...

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    If you were indeed told that you need to provide your own parts, there's no way you were at a genuine Apple Store, one run by Apple themselves. Any employee of a real Apple Store will know that Apple does not sell parts to end users. And any authorized Apple service center would know the same thing and would know the procedure for getting an iPhone serviced, which definitely does not include the customer providing parts (iPhones aren't repaired in the field; they're exchanged).


    The only scenario I can think of is that they were telling you that they can't do anything with your iPhone since it has parts for an unauthorized source, and that only if those parts were replaced with the original factory parts could they help. If that's the case, then unless you can replace the digitizer and any other parts that were not Apple-original, you're probably not going to be able to get your iPhone serviced by Apple and will have to look to an independent repair service.




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    Woah, hold on people calm down everyone! Can I just say I'm sorry because you all mis-read my question or I didn't make it clear enough.


    As Dave suggested, the person in the store was just trying to help me by being honest with me saying Apple won't touch it in its current condition. He was telling me it would need to have official parts in it before anyone in the store would ever consider looking at it.

    He was not telling me to do go out and get the parts before they would fix it. He just meant that a phone with third-party parts in it would not be looked at in a proper store.

    It was a real store I can assure you, I made an appointment through the official Apple website, its a large city's well known official store not some knock off place. I'm not going to say where incase this guy gets into trouble and he was just trying to be helpful.


    I just wanted to know where you can get the parts but obviously this seems like a touchy subject so sorry for wasting everyone time. It also seems that if I did get the parts Apple would clearly be unhappy.

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    There is no place where you can be guaranteed to get only official Apple parts, since again Apple does not sell parts. They don't even provide them to authorized Apple service centers, since such centers do not repair iPhones, they just exchange them and send the failed/broken units back to Apple.


    If you want to order parts, there are a number of places you can do so - just search the web for "iPhone parts". But whether they'll be "genuine" or not as far as Apple is concerned there's no way of being certain.



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    Thank you, I appreciate your help


    And sorry once again to everyone for any misunderstandings. I think I will just abandon the idea of repairing this 16gb one and just sign up for 8gb deal O2 have going just now. Seems much more of a sensible idea now.