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I submited an application in the app store. It was accepted. However, there is a huge problem. When it was submitted, the keywords associated with it were entered incorrectly by accident. I want to update the keywords by submitting the same binary file with different keywords. I'm being told that I can't do this. Is that correct? Is there a way to submit the same bin. file and still be able to update my keywords for my app?

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    As a minimum you must change the version number on the binary.

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    You'll need to update the app with a 'revised'/new version if you elect to modify keywords.


    Expect to repeat a similar process as you went thru with the original. Step thru adding a new app and you'll see what you'll have to change and what you can change.


    You may want to explain in the review notes that you're updating the keywords...it would be nice if users saw some benefit as well , even if if you simply claim the notorius "various bug fixes that affected some users"...just don't make a habit of it or the review teams may not feel sympathetic.