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Sorry everyone, I have searched, but I'm at my wits end!


I was fortunate enough to have been given a Sony EX3 XDCAM camera to use/try this weekend.  They sent two SxS cards.  I have never worked with this format before and now find myself in very unfamiliar territory.


In my searches here, there have been links for drivers, software etc, which either led nowhere or didn't work.  I've searched the web, some links brought me back to the same place these forums did which again, wasn't of use unfortunately.  I've tried downloading MPEG Streamclip, which did not recognize the mp4 file and couldn't work with it.  I was still no further ahead.


Please please I hope someone can help me out?  I have two more days of shooting to do, with only two cards, which I won't reformat until I know I've got this footage and can do the following....


     1.  I need a recommended way to view the files to see the footage


     2.  I need a recommended way to convert the files to work with in FCP7 (I'm assuming convert the mp4 to mov? then I can do what I want without issue? but really not sure and need your help)


I've tried Compressor, but that didn't work either.  May have been a user issue I'm sure.


Any help as soon as possible would be VERY gratefully appreciated as it always is!


Thank you all,


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    The first thing is to make a backup copy of your cards, that contains every file, and the structure of every file, on a back up drive. If you do not correctly backup the card, duplicating all files on the card and the card file structure, the backup will not be usable.


    Once you have done that, you need to download and install the Sony XDCam Transfer App. You can get it from a link on the page linked below, look in the middle of the page:


    http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/micro-xdcam/resource.downloads.bbsccms-assets-micro -xdcam-downloads-XDCAMSoftwareDownload.shtml#apps


    Once installed, you launch FCP, then in FCP go to the menu File > Import > Sony XDCam . . . and the Sony XDCam app will automatically launch.


    Once the Sony XDCam app has launched, set the hard disk destination for storing the files you are going to ingest from the cards by going to the menu XDCam Transfer > Preferences and set in on the Import Pane.


    Now you can view your clips from the card, and select which clips you want to ingest (or ingest all if you want) and XDCam Transfer will import/rewrap the clips, and place each clip in your FCP Browser as it is ingested.


    We work with EX files frequently, and usually make two backup copies, on separate backup media, just for safety, as the cards are your camera masters - and once you recycle them them to be used again the data on the cards is gone forever.



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    Thanks MtD!


    JUST before seeing your reply, I actually stumbled on a link that worked.  So, in essence, I have sort of done what you told me to.


    I downloaded the Transfer software, and targeted where I wanted the Import to go to.  The first thing that made me happy was I was able to use this application to view the footage!


    Then I hit Import and it did it's thing.  I had all the files as QT and when I double clicked, it opened in QT!  YEAH!  Then I launched FCP, imported those QT folders into the project and threw a clip in the timeline.  All is good!


    Thank you so much for replying MtD.  If I hadn't have gotten there when I did, your answer would have certainly saved the day!





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    This appears to be the same problem I am having but I've already transferred the files to my desktop.  I have the BPAV folder, CLPR Folder and then each clip with a .mp4, .smi, .ppn, .xml, .bim.  When I try to import to FCP the mp4  file is not recognised.  I also tried compressor it didn't work either.  Apart from downloading brorsoft file convertor and converting the mp4 files to Apple ProRes 422 (.mov) is there anyway to get these files into FCP.


    Feeling very frustrated as I have hours of footage!





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    Hi Michael, it should still work as long as you have the complete file structure in place.


    Download the Sony SxS app "XDCAM Transfer".  It's free! Launch the app, choose the clips, once visible in the viewer, select the clips to convert and hit Import. You should see a status bar at the bottom of each clip as it creates a copy of the clip, re-wrapped as a QT .mov file.


    Then just drag the .mov files to FCP and you're good to go.


    I have not used FCX yet, but I believe that this new program will take the XDCAM files directly without the need to re-wrap.


    The key thing is having the complete file structure, which sounds like you've done that. Just because it's on your desktop shouldn't make a difference.


    Hopefully I've understood you correctly and this is of some help?