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Hi everyone,

I was using my 64gb WiFi+3g iPad 2 no SIM card in it,and suddenly it simply froze on home screen, so I tried to hold down the power button and nothing happend. Then I held down the power button+HB and it finally turned off and got stuck on the apple logo

I followed the instructions here:


I finished all the steps and everything went fine but iTunes is still "Waiting for Ipad.." and the progress bar on my iPad is still at 0%.


Please help me restore my iPad!

iPad 2, 64gb WiFi+3g
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    Just in case someone had my same problem, I did the steps again and it finally worked .

    but I think restoring from backaups will take forever.

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    Hello Manaz


    I am facing the same problem with my iPad! However I was able to turn it off except that while trying to retore my iPad through iTunes, it takes iTunes like forever waiting for iPad! I tried repeating the restore process for three days now but my iPad doesn't respons! do you have a solution to this problem?


    Thank you in advance.