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How do I download the latest Itunes onto my Apple Ipad1 - never done it before - the instructions say "just connect the IPad to your PC and follow the onscreen instructions in ITunes" - I don't get any instructions!

iPad, iOS 4.2, Via Toshiba computer on Windows 7
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    You don't download iTunes onto the iPad - iTunes, along with the rest of the iPad's built-in apps, can only be updated via updates to iOS itself (the iPad's operating system), they can't be updated stand-alone. Have you downloaded and installed iTunes on your computer ? If you have then you can check for iOS updates for the iPad by connecting it to it, selecting it on the left-hand side of iTunes and then clicking the Check For Updates button on the summary tab on the right-hand side.


    There is more info on updating your iPad under the Updating Your iPhone, iPad, Or iPod Touch section on this pge http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414


    The iPad manual can be downloaded from here : http://support.apple.com/manuals/ipad

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    Many thanks King. I am trying to update the operating system on my IPad 1. My computer seems to pick up Itunes operating system 10.2 but I think I am looking for an upgrade from IOS 4.2.

    My problem is actually that I can send emails but not receive them. I was told by Apple that I must update the operating system and this might fix the problem.

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    Jenny, like king says, it all starts with the itunes version on your computer. Do you have the current version?  If so, when you connect the pad it will tell you if there is an update ready for your pad, and if you are on 4.2, there is.  But you have to have the computer current first.

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    Many thanks but I can't see how to get the latest IPad IOS onto my computer - I keep picking up the Itunes 10.4 software.

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    With your iPad connected to your computer's iTunes, select the iPad under devices on the left-hand side of iTunes, and then on right on the Summary tab click the Check For Updates button. That should check if there is a newer version of iOS for your iPad (the most up-to-date versoin is 4.3.5). There is more info on how to update the iOS in the first link that I gave in my first post - have you followed the instructions in the Updating Your iPhone, iPad, Or iPod Touch section on that page ?


    What error do you get when trying to send emails ?

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    Very many thanks King.

    I have now uninstalled iTunes on my PC and reinstalled the new version.

    I now get the following message on my PC -

    the file "iTunes library.itl"cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes

    Have you any idea how I can fix this problem?


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    Are you on a Mac or a PC ? And if you are on a Mac have you upgraded to Lion ?

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    I am a PC user with WIN 7 (saving to buy a Mac!).

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    And have you tried updating your iTunes on it and then re-installed a previous version ?


    I'm not an expert on iTunes for Windows, but updating to the current version might help (in iTunes Help > Check for Updates) as might this post https://discussions.apple.com/message/15875608#15875608 - otherwise it might be best to re-post in the iTunes for Windows forum where you might get better advice.

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    Thanks King.

    I just went into iTunes on my PC and deleted the offending file "iTunes library.itl"

    That seems to be doing the trick since it is now syncing with my iPad but it is taking for ever.

    Already taken over an hour!!!


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    You helped me with downloading Itunes back in August but I now have another problem.

    My IPad mail uses Webmail but my ISP imposes a limit on their server so my inbox gets full.

    Is there another email system I could use to overcome this problem?