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Hello , I would like to discuss an issue .

It's been a while now that in the App Store app , when I check the review page of an app that I have purchsed on February from the MAS , I see that app as not purchased from the MAS . On the other hand , when I control the purchased apps' list , it is appearing as installed .

Now , I am not sure , but I am guessing that they want me to rebuy the app , now it costs 21€ , it costed 16€ .

Anyways , it wouldn't make  any sense because the version they are selling , I have already got it through the MAS updates , a few weeks ago , for free .ArtboardIssue.jpg


Does anyone else has encountered this situation ?

I have already contacted the MAS & expecting their query's results , so as to determine if there is something wrong with my account as later the evening yesterday it presented another issue  & I could not check the purchases history from the iTunes app . Although I have managed the apple id account & contacted the MAS , I still get no result .


That's all , thank you .

2.16 intel core 2 duo imac5.1, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 2,5GBmemory
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    The MAS & app issue has been resolved , as I deleted the app from the finder Applications folder because from the launchpad the particular app didn't have the x sign for deletion , the opened the App Store & installed it again from the Purchased Apps list . Now it is shown as installed in the app review page .

    Couldn't resolve yet the second issue that regards the iTunes , but I am starting to believe that it has to do with the Cloud Beta .

    Anyways , we shall see .

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    I am pretty sure that there's two answers for you.

    Find the app that u think that u didn't buy....in spotlight or finder..

    Then delete it by app delete,clean my mac,trash can or any delete app..

    Make sure that there's no app in ur Mac..

    Then Go to App store again then go to the app ...which u deleted

    It show money in purchased item....then presss option key for 10 s then click that purchsed item again..

    For me,That is worked !