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    sclarady wrote:


    I am a new Mac uer. The Mac I have is an old MacBookPro 2006 and can not run Lion or ML, 10.6.8 is the best it can do. If I can not find a way to run iCloud on it then I may just go back to a Windows system. With that I can get iCloud and sync my Phone and photos. So I cant have iCloud on my Mac but I can have it on my Windows system? That is a great way to push new Mac users back to Windows.


    You can have parts of iCloud on your Mac, Mail will work without any additional software. If you buy Soho Organizer you can also access Contacts, Calendars and Tasks.


    Or (as you said) you can buy a Windows machine or install Windows on your Mac.

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    Another possibility that *might* suit your needs (it depends on what your needs actually are) is to install 10.7 in a virtual machine (that is, a guest OS running natively inside an application on your existing Mac).

    You'd then have 10.7 or 10.8 running in a standalone application, with the existing iCloud services available there (inside 10.7; it would not propagate on your host 10.6.8). This would also require enough RAM and disk space, because those resources, needed for your virtual machine, would be taken from the host computer (the CPU would as well, but that's rarely a problem). If you meet these resources, then that's a fair trick.

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    I wish if nothing else they'd somehow make iCloud work on the older iMacs.  My iMac is Mid2007- I fit all the requirements EXCEPT and it is a BIG, HUGE- EXCEPT---I cannot boot into 64-bit mode and cannot therefore run Mountain Lion or Lion. 


    I am about to buy a Ipad Mini and cannot sync my iCal to it because of NO iCloud service available.  Doesn't make sense to me at all.  I cannot afford $1200 for a new iMac. 


    So, I suppose to sync my iCal to my iPad Mini I'll have to do it with the Lightning cable to transfer things. 


    Am bummed out about it!

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    You can use iCloud on Snow Leopard. Check out Soho Organizer.

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    It's a shame on Apple that Snow Leopard aren't able to use iCloud but Windows Vista are (XP users used to, I think).


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    joaojotta wrote:


    It's a shame on Apple that Snow Leopard aren't able to use iCloud but Windows Vista are (XP users used to, I think).



    XP never did, and Vista is no longer supported now.


    Win7 or Win8.

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    Still. Windows 7 is to Lion as Windows 8 is for Mountain Lion.

    The thing is both Snow Leopard and Windows 7 came out in 2009, with Snow Leopard coming out later, making it the "younger brother".


    I'm not here just to bad mouth Apple, believe me. I sell Apple for a living and have most of their products but reconecting my old iMac 4,1 (max. OS is Snow Leopard) and not being able to use it with iCloud make me mad.

    And Apple shouldn't throw the "hardware" speech because we know it is able do handle the sync.


    It's just a shame.

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    What features do you want to use, and do you expect them to be free?

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    Calendar and Contacts sync.


    Expect them to be free?

    Beeing a MobileMe and iCloud user, yes.

    What do you mean by that?

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    Well, you have half of a result.


    Soho Organizer will subscribe to iCloud (as iCloud is not a sync system) and allow you access and edit/add Contacts and Calendars.


    Soho is $99.00, get it here (there is a free trial available)


    iCloud is not Mobile Me, it does not work the same way.

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    Ok, this gets, and I mean, really gets my back up too. Here's the score...


    I am a loyal Apple customer and can't write or do much by hand as I have ataxic cerebral palsy so have arm movements like a person with Parkinson's. I use word prediction software, a really big trackball, a metal keyguard over an old Apple keyboard (no longer in production, slight problem in store).  Word prediction software is vital for me and often crashes or does weird stuff in Windoze. My late friend and neurologist constantly nagging me by e-mail for eight years to get a Mac, so after his funeral, I did. He won, it was the perfect move, especially since the development of the KeyStrokes word prediction software by


    Last year, like the lamb to the slaughter, I upgraded from 10.6 to 10.7... I was not a happy bunny and made such a stink about the scroll bar changes and it's accessibility implications, an Apple Europe director phoned me. Fat lot of good that did...


    Ok.Back to the present.  I, as an employer of five people, find myself wanting software that actually looks and feels like a file-o-fax or diary, and works with iCal. After a long search, I hit gold yesterday and find Opus Domini in the App Store. Brilliant, and I pay for the better version. Am happy as a pig in muck I was, until....


    I realise that Opus Domini uses iCloud to sync to iPhone (urrgh) and iPad which I do like, and have. I was then really not happy until a FLASH of inspiration....


    I have a licensed copy of SyncMate Pro (by Eltima Software) which I use to sync iCal and Address Book with my Samsung Android phone... Within SyncMate Pro is a little nugget of gold which I have just bitten on to test.


    It will sync with, amongst other things, iCloud, even when running in good old Snow Leopard....


    I made an entry into Opus Domini pro as I need to make note about the pay of one employee in two weeks from now... It then automatically appeared in iCal. I then set up SyncMate Pro to sync with my iCloud account, first time Mac to iCloud, then a two way sync.


    That entry then appeared in iCal, and in Opus Domini on my iPad, so will do the same with the iCal equivalent on my Samsung Android phone...  :-)


    I am happy, and think "two fingers up to Apple", but they need to be careful about how they are treating feedback from customers as one never bites the hand that feeds one.....


    Sarah Jayne Davies

    Cornwall, England


    Typed with the aid of KeyStrokes from

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    PS. That link should be:


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