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One hour i was using the ipod app to listen to music using my studio beats, the next i was using the beats on my computer. I return to use on my ipad and it doesnt work. I tested the beats and a pair of skullcandys ,which both have proved suffiecient in the past, on three devices: an ipod, laptop (toshiba) and the ipad. All worked except the ipad. I then set the ipads speakers to a low volume and the headphones to a high volume. I then twisted the headphones end around in the jack and the volume bar started switching from high to low alternating between speakers and headphones. This confirmed the possibility of an internal issue in the jack. I have had this problem before with an older apple device. My opinion on the fact is maybe dust entered the jack or it somehow came apart internally. No settings changed from the time of "working" and "not working". The status of the headpones are perfect. I barely touched my ipad the whole day. The cords to my beats work too. Any results or advice would be really helpful, thanks.

iPad, iOS 4.3.3
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On then off

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Fixed the issue, rebooted the ipad

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