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Hello. My Macbook White (the one before the unibody) will not boot. I have tried a fsck. It modifies the file system and says it is ok but the system will not boot still. In verbose mode It says "hfs: removed 2 orphaned / unlinked files and directories". This might be an issue? The boot hangs on "VBoxAdpDrv: version 3.0.10"


I doubt this is the reason but I did do something which someone told me that I should not have the last time I used the functioning system. I built the updated curl and copied the binary to /usr/bin and not the local or whatever folder. I didn't realise this shouldn't be done but surely it can't ruin the boot process?


Safe mode also fails. The diagnostics mode won't work. The MacBook always hangs with the progress indicator on the grey screen with the apple logo. It may also be useful to know it says the previous shutdown cause was 3.


Any help is appreciated. Thankyou.


PS: the support website is slow on my iPhone 4, apple should be able to optimise their own website for their own products. :(

Macbook White 2.13Ghz, Mac OS X (10.5.8)