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    Thanks very much for the info.  I will check that out.  You live in the USA and the price there seems pretty good (dont get me started on petrol).  I will look at   Thanks again.  I didnt realise you could buy an older version and update it like that.

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    This is what I did...Got a PinDrive in the old mac that came with iDVD now (7.0.4), copy the software on the the pindrive, then drag-droped it on my new mac application and then upgraded. Voila! I have to say I'm working on a project that has to be done fast and when I realize that I can't transport iMovie to iDVD I start to panic...then my Romanian surviving mode kicked in and got me out of despair. lol


    Hope this will help someday somebody !

    Have fun and stay creative !!!

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    If you have another Apple computer with the iDVD all you have to do find the original application, make a copy and put it on a Pin Drive or transfer to your new Mac.


    On your Mac with the original iDVD files on it, go to the Harddrive File tree by double clicking the hardrive icon. Loof fo the "Library" folder


    Under the "Library" Folder look for "Application Support" Folder


    Under the "Application Support" Folder look for the "iDVD" Folder and copy the "Themes" Folder




    On your Mac without iDVD, go to the Hard Drive Folder view, "Library", "Application Support"


    Create an new folder and title it "iDVD"


    Copy the "Themes" into this folder


    Copy the iDVD application into your Applications folder.


    Double click the icon and you have iDVD running on your new Mac


    Have Fun!!

  • Ziatron Level 4 (3,830 points)

    You live in the USA and the price there seems pretty good (dont get me started on petrol)


    In the UK, most of that price is Taxes.

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    After creating a few new movies with iMovie on my new $3000+ iMac I wanted to burn them on DVD. You know, it's easier to carry a few DVDs to my relatives that like to watch them on TV, or mail DVDs so that they can watch them whenever they want. Guess what, Apple has decided that's passe', and if I really want the burn DVDs I need to buy something else, generally either junk or expensive, and badly integrated with iMovie. The only reason why I bought a Mac is because of media capabilities. I guess I made a mistake.

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    Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac? How do I get it and how do I install it?


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    The only reason why I bought a Mac is because of media capabilities. I guess I made a mistake.


    It does appear that Apple has surrendered its dominance in video and multimedia.  However you can do everything you want for about $40.


    Purchase iLife 09 or iLife 11 on disk.  It will include iDVD.

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    I feel like such a goose. I too purchased a new MacBook Pro as the older mac was slower and I wanted to crunch some video into movies.


    Gee hasn't everyone got a GoPro these days.


    Now I can't burn a dvd.


    Unless I export and import to my older Mac and idvd the final project.


    Now I feel like I'm a PC user

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    Hi Scott,


    I've finally gotten over being annoyed since I'm using Final Cut X and love it.  Sure it's different than the prior box set version.   However, when I finished editing the 720p capture into the final (over 40 gig, nearly 2 hour piece), the built in export via "share to DVD" was a piece of cake.  Less options than iDVD for menu etc.   That's likely because I haven't explored other ways to share-export then burn.  Anyway, considering I paid bigger bucks for the Final Cut Suite back when, the $299 for the new functionality will make you happy to have your new Mac.


    I was in the same emotional boat about iDVD for months.  It was still a poor way for Apple to leave us hanging.  Consider the new Final Cut to get you over the blues, and take you to new levels elsewhere:)

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    Why not do what Capt81c say in his post a few above yours? If you have an old Mac with it, copy it to a stick, copy the Application Support folder for iDVD to the same stick, and move it to your new Mac. Plug in an external Superdrive and it will work fine. I've tested this several times and it works without a hitch.

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    If you have iDVD on the new MBP just save the iDVD project as a disk image, transfer the disk image to the other Mac and burn from there.  You can connect to the older Mac in a number of ways. I use screen sharing.  Makes it easy to burn or rip  from the other Mac. 



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    Just an update for this iDVD thread.


    Don't bother going to or trying to buy iLife 11 from Apple.   Neither iLife or iDVD are there any longer.

    And, Apple still doesn't invite feedback without a struggle.




    There are some copies of iLife 11 available through Amazon and other online dealers.


    There was a long thread here suggesting a free demo download - that's gone away, too.


    While 3rd party applications do abound (there are two dozen apps, as well), the truth is that none of the other software applications I have used are as fast, as integrated (ie accesses via iPhono or iMoive or QuickTime) and they are very immature in their sophistication and rendering speed.  


    iDVD was the gold standard and I feel cheated that Apple has withdrawn it, rather than update and continue to support this disc application.   Discs may be going away, but there are still a lot of places with no internet access and I have a lot of files I'd never trust on any cloud service, not even iCloud.


    BRING BACK iDVD !!!  

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    I bought an Mac Mini primarily to do home movies with iMovie and making a Dvd with iDVD. I bought a book about iMovie and iDVD. After making the movie, I tried the share option, but iDVD wasn't there. After doing some online research, I found I should output to a file and run iDVD manually and import it; BUT iDVD wasn't there. I did some more research and found it had been taken out. I tracked down iLife 11 (although I read that iLife 11 didn't have as many themes as iLife 09). It installed iDVD, but destroyed my iPhoto, and took me back to a previous Garageband version (I didn't have the option not to install them). After starting from scratch with iPhoto, and spending 2 hours downloading Garageband content, I managed to make a DVD. (Abit annoying the iDVD doesn't have a no themes option but atleast it was working). I honestly would have taken my Mac back and got my money back I was that annoyed and angry. I understand Apple's logic about online distribution but plenty of people still have DVD and Bluray players. In fact, the people the iMovie is for (in-laws) don't have very fast internet and are not that knowledgible about online videos. Maybe Blurays will stay popular, and 4K will see the continued use of disc media. Apple should have atleast kept iDVD, moved into Bluray, and being prepared for 4K. You're supposed to be easier to use ! Returning to Mac after a long absense, but frankly not pleased, and wouldn't recommend.

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    ibanez_australia wrote:


    ... Returning to Mac after a long absense, but frankly not pleased, and wouldn't recommend.


    Before you recommend Windows 8 instead, be prepared to pay for the privilege of just playing DVDs:



    Want to create a DVD? be prepared to pay another $50 - $100 more. Windows DVD Maker is gone in Windows 8.

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    Want to create a DVD? be prepared to pay another $50 - $100 more. Windows DVD Maker isgone in Windows 8.

    Good point, John



    I don't mind paying for applications and good Apps.
    I also think that the majority of Apple customers feel the same way.

    This is a case of withdrawing a great product, not just a matter of paying for it.


    iDVD is something that defined the Apple experience and there is still nothing that compares in easy or sophistication.  The end results were fast, simple, and reliable.


    Windows DVD Maker isn't even close to iDVD.  The professional results are very hard to duplicate.

    Roxio/Titanium are unweildy, clunky, slow, and poorly integrated - certainly, worthy of replacing iDVD.

    Final Cut is a not a good option - it's simply to complicated for a novice to use.

    Almost anyone with video camera could burn a disc with iDVD.  (and, that would be me, home for the holidays and anxious to share those images with friends and family from my Mac.)


    All this, just when Blu Ray disc burners and media finally became affordable, too!